10-9-2017 Journal Update


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Blog October Giveaway

I am organizing my craft supplies and fixing to add some cool tags to the Blog giveaway.  If you are interested in signing up for the blog giveaway please do.  All you have to do is comment on the Blog October Giveaway post found HERE that you are interested.


I received my first bid on EBAY!  I am excited, hopefully it means many more bids to come in my future.  So far I have tablet cases and some cake toppers posted.  If you are interested in checking out my eBay page you can find it here.


Today I earned another $5 gift card total of $15 so far.  I have also applied this week for the Unilever Sample (10), French’s Ketchup, and 2 different Zicam samples.  Waiting to see if I am selected.  That is a total of 5 I have applied for and 0 selected for so far.



Created.By.Meggan / ebay


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I am going to try selling items using ebay.  Since you can post 100 items free for 1 month.  I will try it out for the next 3 months.  If it is successful then I will continue to do it.  Garage Sales get boring after awhile so please wish me luck.  If you have any ebay tips for me please let me know.

These are my first 2 items (only 98 left to post)

ITEM 1: Ipad Air/Air 2 Case: Green

ITEM 2 Ipad Air / Air 2 Case: Black

10-7-2017 Journal Update


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Today I bought 2 $10 baskets and it was my favorite 2 so far!  In it was a Letra Tag 100T and it was only  missing the power cord (I am pretty sure I have one that fits).  My husband put new batteries in it and it works like a charm!!!  It is $25 at Target and I paid penny’s for it.  It also had 5 lamps and yes they all worked.  The one lamp is awesome because it has a bendable arm, usb port, plug in, place to stick mail and for pens.  It is perfect for my desk!  There was one of the tall ones I can put in my living room and a neat one that I am going to redue the lamp shade to put in my bedroom.  I sent one with my sister and have 2 that I am going to sell.  It also had a bunch of dog/cat items.  I told my sister to take what she wanted for her animals and donate the rest to the Animal Shelter.  (Lots more items in the baskets!!)

At the local thrift store I found 2 little tables with character that I want to spice up.  I will have to do a before and after picture/post on them!

The garage sale went pretty good yesterday.  I made $25.60 in all.  I did not do very much advertising and the mosquitos were awful!!  I plan to do another one in a couple weeks and advertise better.  I am also posting items online to try and sell them too.

I am still doing the blog giveaway and if you want to enter it, please comment on the October Giveaway post found HERE.


I reached my goal of 1500 impact score on Influenster and was excited that I was on the short list for the new sample box.  I am just waiting to find out if I was selected.

On Crowdtap.com I am close to my next $5 gift card and entered for a chance to win there next sample box.  It is for kids bath products.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


10-04-2017 Journal Update



Garage Sale/Donations

I have decided that every month I sell items online or in a garage sale I am going to pick a charity to donate to.  This month is the Electra Animal Shelter.  I am having a garage sale this Friday and have most of the new items organized into baskets.  I am selling all items worth more than $1 for $1.  All items with a price of $1 or used items I am selling for $.10.  Figure it made it easier than trying to price it separately.  I have an old washer I do not want that I will throw into the garage sale too.  I have to admit that getting the items out of my house was a huge weight off my shoulder!

Goal Updates:

These are the goals I have finished:

Paint the Baby doll heads and hands (for the creepy wreath).

Have a successful blog giveaway.  I am considering this complete because I have had over 3 people sign up!!  (If you want to sign up than comment on this POST)!

All the tv shows I am up to date on all prior shows I started (that are on Netflix).  And I have started The Walking Dead.  If you are interested in the shows I have watched this year check them out here!

I have received over 20 comments on my blog this month!  Thank you everyone who has left a comment.  I really appreciate it!!

10-02-2017 Journal Update


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October Giveaway

I  have two entries so far, but still plenty of time to sign up for the giveaway.  All you have to do is comment on the Giveaway Post and let me know you want to be entered.

Click here to sign up for the giveaway.


Tonight was the first time in awhile we actually made a decent dinner.  We had Monterey Chicken and Banana Bread for desert.

#bannanabread #desert

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I have been obsessively cleaning the last couple of days because of flies.  We have a million flies and I can’t seem to get rid of them.  I have been moping and wiping down every surface in the house and nothing seems to be good enough to make them go away!  Anyone have a good remedy for getting rid of these pest??  I know I do not want fly traps (I think they are so gross).

Currently Watching

I just finished seasons 1-14 of NCIS today.  Now I am watching season 6 of Once Upon a Time.  If you are interested in seeing what TV shows and movies I have watched this year (I recommend them all) please click here.  If you have any recommendations please let me know.

October Give Away


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It is officially time for the October Giveaway.  To win the giveaway you have to follow my blog and comment on this post.  I will enter your name into a container and I will have my 3 year old draw a name.  I will be recording it and posting it to YouTube.

The picture here is just the start of the items that will be added to the giveaway. I will be posting updated pictures on Instagram of the new items I will be adding. If you are interested in keeping up with the extra items posted please follow me on Instagram.

Good luck to everyone!!!





Sept. Wrap Up – Oct Goals


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  1. Paint and put together scary doll wreath.
  2. Put together gift bags for Joey’s class for Halloween.
  3. Have a successful Blog giveaway
  4. Clean and organize the house
  5. Plan a trip to Ireland for next year and see if I can save enough for it (big reach)


Weight at last doctor’s appointment 243 pounds, no water being consumed, unhealthy!

Goal: 235 pounds, 16 oz of water per day, road to healthy!!

$10 Baskets

Amount purchased:4- $40, Amount Made: $44, Profit: $4

Goal: Amount Purchased: 6, Amount Made: $120, Amount Donated: $60 Profit $0


Amount redeemed: $10 amazon gift card

Goal: $10 amazon gift card and 1 sample.


Amount redeemed: $10.10 ($.13 per day)

Goal: $4.05 for October.


Views: 363, Visit: 248, Post Published: 11, Comments: 9

Goals: Views: 750, Visit: 500, Post Published: 30, Comments: 20


Impact score 1116, 7 badges, 47 reviews, 29 discussions, 2 virtual v-boxes.

Goal: Impact score of 1500, 10 badges, 100 reviews, 50 discussions, 4 (reg or virtual v-boxes)


I am currently watching NCIS Seasons 1-14.  I am currently on Season 14 episode 6.

Goal: Double check previous watched shows and make sure I am updated on them, start re-watch Walking Dead.


9-30-2017 Journal Update


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Car Crash

Last night my niece was in a car crash.  The roads were wet and another pick up truck pulled out in front of the pick up truck she was in.  Thankfully she just had some deep bruising and is sore, but nothing broken and everything should heal within the next week.  It is a clear reminder to slow down when the roads are wet!!



Lab Puppy

My sister went out of town this weekend and needed someone to babysit her lab puppy.  If you have ever been around a lab puppy they are like having a toddler around.  In my case I have 2 (one 4 legged and one 2 legged) and they are wilder when together!  I knew my house was slightly messy with all the stuff going on in my life, but have been on a steady cleaning binge since he got here.  He steals dirty clothes left on the floor, chews on toys left on the floor, stole the neighbors branches they recently cut down, brought trash in from the outside, and is scared of the dark.  Other than that he has been a pretty good puppy, but the extra work reminds me how much I am not ready of a dog of my own.


Garage Sale

Today we went to Wichita Falls and dropped off items people purchased.  It was enough to cover all the prior baskets and then some.  So starting tomorrow I will be doing a garage sale and selling all remaining items for $1 or 10 for $1.  Half of everything I make from tomorrow on will go to supporting the animals in Electra, TX.  I am working on cleaning out half the garage so I can keep it stocked up on items to sell.  This way my house doesn’t get cluttered but will be able to make money and donate money to a good cause.  My sister is going to bring me her garage sale items too.  Sunday the 8th I will box up all of the unsold clothes and donate it to the Faith Missions in Wichita Falls.  It is an awesome charity that helps people, and was willing to help me when I first moved up here.


9-27-2017 Journal Update


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Surveys On The Go **Recommended**

July 15: Cashed out for $10.15

Sept 26: Cashed out for $10.10

Total: $20.35

Crowdtap **Recommend**

I applied for the Unilever Sampling (8) and waiting to see if I have been selected.  I received a $5 amazon gift card for reaching 500 points and another $5 amazon gift card for reaching 1000 points.  Since the gift cards have come through I am going to mark this one as Recommend!  It isn’t a lot but it sure makes me happy!!

Dirt Cheap **Recommend**

As of today I have bought 4 baskets for $40 and I have made $39.

In the last 2 baskets I found 40 items I wanted to keep.  They included phone cases, ear buds, cords, flash drives, etc.  If I wasn’t able to sell anything else I would have paid $.50 each.

My sister purchased $20 worth of stuff from me (2 baby monitors retailing at $200, flash drive, selfie stick adnd lens, tablet case, movies and a wii game and more).  Also she gets first pick of the items I don’t want in future baskets.

I have 3 pending sells and a trade.  The trade is cool because I get an item I can use for trade of an item I don’t want.


Still waiting for a sample before I recommend this site.  I did get into the Virtual box and did the Halloween contest. If you have twitter feel free to add me and leave me a message!



9-25-2017 Journal Update


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Poor Joey has a cold so I kept him home today to see if I could help get rid of it.  I am making him drink a lot and giving him cold and cough medicine.  I sure hope he feels better soon! Have any tips to get rid of a 3 year old’s cold??


I went to the doctor and they prescribed me a muscle relaxer and took an x-ray.  I will go back in a week to find the results of the x-ray and find out if the muscle relaxer helped.  I figure they would do a MRI, but maybe they will schedule it the next time I go back.


A woman on Instagram took my creepy doll that was mostly black the wrong way.  Thought I was calling it creepy because it was black.  It hurts my soul that this is what we are coming to as a society.  That you have to defend yourself at every turn.  In the end I am going to continue to be me, be creative and love human kind.  I hope that in my life time people can move on and focus on the important issues in the world.

Blog Giveaway

I decided I am going to keep the giveaway simple.  On October 1, I will post the giveaway post.  You must be following me and comment on the post to be entered.  Going to put the names in a jar and let my 3 year old pick a name.  I will notify the winner.  I can’t wait to share my awesome finds with my followers!!

I am done with the day and going to call it a night.  I hope everyone has a great evening!