11-30-2017 Journal Update


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This month has been a tough one with Thanksgiving, trying to get the house in order and my son’s birthday.  I should be writing on here more because it always helps me and is my me time, but seems like the first thing I cut when I am overwhelmed.

My daughter finally called me and started up a relationship with me again.  I couldn’t have received a better Christmas present!  She did give me pretty gut wrenching news, she has started talking to her biological father.  I haven’t talked about him before but he was a horrible father.  For the short time we were married he didn’t have much to do with my daughter and then after we divorced he cut all contact.  We divorced before my daughter even started school and it wasn’t until she was in 5th grade he decided he wanted joint custody.  Instead of contacting me personally or hiring a lawyer he called the Dr. Phil show.  I am not one to go on national tv and do the whole drama thing.  Of course I turned it down.  Then no contact was made until she was in high school and his new wife contacted her.  Once my daughter asked her for back child support she deleted her facebook account and never heard from them again (until my daughter contacted him.)

I was always open and honest with her, but somehow he was able to convince her that I kept him away.  Which if you rationally think about it would have been impossible for me to do if he would have been interested in seeing her.  He rarely made a child support payment and is over $80,000 behind.  He convinced her that he has been paying and I just kept it from her.  I always planned on putting the child support money in a savings account and using it for her college, but the money never came.

I know I wasn’t the best mother, but I loved her more than anything on earth and I tried really hard.  I would be lying if I didn’t say it hurt that he could spend 18 years not caring and be treated better.  I can’t do anything about it because if I do it will just cause a wedge between my daughter and me again.  So of course I told her it was ok and that it was her choice.  I tried to defend myself till I realized it was pointless.  I told her that all I could do was be honest and give her my side of the story, but in the end she had to make her own mind up on what she wants to believe.

I just hope he doesn’t hurt her anymore than he already did.  The stories I have been told since we divorced really scare me and I pray she keeps him at a distance.

Knowing she is ok makes me happy and I will hold onto this holiday blessing.



Splenda Naturals Sugar


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From crowdtap.com I received 2 – 3.5 oz samples of Splenda Naturals Sugar & Stevia Sweetner Blend free to try out and give my honest opinion.

#SplendaSavvies #Sponsored #freesamples #crowdtap

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I choose to make peanut butter cookies (it is a house favorite).  I mean to double the recipe and instead I doubled the amount of sweetner to use.   This was all my fault, so my review may be a little off because of it.

I personally felt there was to much sweetner taste to the cookies (which will probably be fixed if made correctly).  My husband and son loved the cookies (and I am the one with a sweet tooth).

I was excited to be picked for my first sample from crowdtap and hope to be picked for more in the future.

#SplendaSavvies #Sponsored #crowdtap #freesamples #peanutbuttercookies

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November 2017 Goals


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November Goals

  1. To get my house completely clean and organized by the time my dad comes to visit for Thanksgiving.
  2. To write at least 5 blog entries a week.
  3. To post at least 30 items to ebay to sell.
  4. To earn $10 on crowdtap.
  5. To receive  2 samples from crowdtap.
  6. To receive 1 sample from influenster.
  7. To plan Joey’s birthday party.
  8. To make at least 5 special items for Joey’s birthday party.
  9. To plan trip to Iowa for July.
  10. To finish the dog t-shirt rug beds.

What are your goals for November? Would love for you to comment on what yours are.


October Blog Giveaway


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First I want to thank everyone who participated in the Blog Giveaway, I really appreciate the support!  I also want to apologize for being a day late in drawing a winner.  I am not sure what made me think pulling a winner on Halloween would be possible with an excited 3 year old!

You can watch the video of the drawing here.

The winner is thenewmrsm2016 !!!  Please email me your shipping address to created.by.meggan@gmail.com.

Next Blog giveaway will be in December!!

10/30/2017 Journal Update


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October Giveaway

Tomorrow at 6 p.m. my son will be drawing a winner for the October Giveaway.  If you want to enter please comment on the post here.

Joey’s 4th Superhero Birthday Party

I am starting to plan Joey’s birthday party.  Which means adding items to Pinterest like crazy!  If you would like to follow the boards I created you can find the links below.

Superhero Birthday Food

Superhero Games

Superhero Christmas Ornaments

What’s in the Mail today?

I got a skein of yarn in the mail today.  Not sure what to make with it (I bought it so the furniture I bought would be cheaper!).  I will probably end up using it to make items for Joey’s 4th birthday party.


I have done 2 virtual campaigns and 1 voxbox.  If you are interested in reading my review check it out here.  Would love to be picked for a mega box!


I have now earned $20 on Crowdtap, but have not been selected for any of the samples yet.  I will keep trying.

Influenster – VoxBox #1 Garnier


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I have received my first VOXBOX from Influenster.  It was the Garnier Halloween Style VoxBox.  It included the Garnier Curl Shape Spray Gel and the Curl Construct Mousse.

Garnier Curl Shape Spray Gel

I extremely loved this product!  It did not leave my hair sticky or stiff like most gel’s do.  It held for a long time and my hair was frizz free.  I have really hard hair to control and this worked great for me.  I will definitely buy this product once my sample runs out!

Garnier Curl Construct Mousse

This product was ok, but didn’t work as great on my hair.  It works better if you pair it up with another product.  I am not a big fan of using mousse in my hair so I will not be buying this product in the future once the sample runs out.

Half the box was awesome so I will call this a success!  I hope to get another VoxBox in the future to try out new things!!

This product was received free from influenster to test out and give my honest opinion.


#GarnierStyle #contest #Complimentary

10/25/2017 Journal Update


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$10 Baskets

My husband was able to get another $10 basket yesterday.  Here are the items we got and what I plan to do with it.

  1. 13 tshirts will use it to make more yarn for the dog rugs I am making for the Electra Animal Shelter.
  2. Bathroom scale.  It does not hurt to have a spare one!
  3. Bathroom rug.  Was lucky it was in a blue because I  eit aside for her for Christmas.
  4. Batman hat.  Going to put it in the bag for my niece for Christmas (she is a batman freak).
  5. 20 items we don’t need or want, I will try to sell locally and on ebay.
  6. Lots of other items.


Even if it is something I ordered, I love getting packages in the mail!  Yesterday I received end tables that I ordered.  Today I received my influenster package.  I will write more about that on a post of its own.  What was the last package you received?

Currently Watching

I have finished Walking Dead seasons 1-7 in just enough time to start watching it live again!  Started a new series How to get away with murder and it was better than I thought it would be.  Now I am currently on American Horror Story.  What are you watching?

T-Shirt Yarn Dog Beds


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One of the ways I am trying to give back to the community is making T-shirt Yarn Dog Beds for the local Animal Shelter.  I spent the weekend cutting up the t-shirts that were donated to me and turning them into t-shirt yarn.  I am in the process of crocheting it now.  It is more time consuming than I thought it would be with my shoulder.  I had to do a lot of stopping because it was in so much pain.  I plan to finish at least 1 before the big fundraiser on Saturday!

#tshirtyarn #tshirt #diytshirtyarn #dogbed

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I created all the #yarn feom the #tshirts #donated to me. Now time to make the #dogbeds !!

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This is why I wasn’t posting so much this weekend!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week too!