1-24-2018 Journal Update

Selling 2017/New Items

I have bought 10 baskets so far.  Between what I have sold and what is pending pick up, my profit will be $8.25.

To assist with selling items I created a Facebook group Meggan Moore’s Treasure Box.  This way I can share albums to different Facebook groups to sell and have people join the group so they can buy.  It has 30 members so far!

In March I will be doing bidders.  Going to visit my daughter so it is a good time to do it and hopefully sell a bunch of items.

I also plan on doing the Frontier Days.  It is a Wild West theme and I talked to the lady who is running it and she said I could sell my items there.  It is $50 for the booth (no size limit) and the money from the booth goes to paying for Veterans housing.  I think it will be fun but not really looking forward to the dressing up!

In the future, I plan to do the city wide garage sale (the money supports a local mission) and the city Halloween Carnival.

Weight Loss

I am 19 days NO SODA!  I am hoping this is helping me lose weight, but still haven’t come up with a good solution to weighing myself.  Since our house is extremely uneven, every time I weigh myself it is 10-15 pounds difference!

100 Day Party

I might have been overzealous in wanting to choose 10 projects for it.  The teacher and I had a sit down conversation and she gave me her ideas (which is very little activities).

  1. 100 Cup Stack – We are going to divide the kids into 4 groups and have each group stack 100 cups.  It is clean and easy fun!
  2. 100 Bead Necklace: I bagged up 100 beads per student.  Each student will take a  plastic lacing and put 100 beads on them.
  3. 100 Crayon Wreath: I plan to make 100 Crayon Wreath for the teacher to have to display for the party this year and if she wants to reuse it for future years to come.
  4. Cupcakes topped with 100 symbol: I am going to cheat and just have them made at Walmart!
  5. Dress like an old person!  Each kid is going to be invited to dress like they are 100 years old!
  6. What 100 looks like: I want to create jars or something to show what 100 looks like.

Not sure If I will come up with another 4 ideas before the party!

Currently Watching:

I started iZombie (rewatching it but really like it and it isn’t on my list of watched shows for last year or this year.  I finished Dare Devil this morning, took me awhile to really get into it, but now I am hooked!

Here is the list of shows I have watched, I recommend them all!


1/14/2018 Journal Update


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Good Bye Dear Friend!

Friday I traveled to Kempner to say good bye to a dear friend Ann.  In 1983 her doctors gave her 5 years to live.  She had 2 boys and was a single mom and she fought for life!  She lived 35 years and proved that fighting to live is a choice you can make.  She was so full of love and laughter and I always loved to spend time with her.  She will be greatly missed!

Goal Updates:

  1. I am having an issue with extremely uneven floors and having a husband and son who wont leave my scale alone.  So I am going to wait a bit longer to find a good safe spot for the scale.  I am on Day 9 of no soda!
  2. Write 200 blog post: I am working on the 5th post of the year.  195 left to go!
  3. Pay off 1 work loan: Aug 5 is official end, but thinking about using income tax to pay off sooner.
  4. Raise Credit Score to 700: credit karma trans union 631, Equifax 636, credit card 608.  I have a long way to go still!

T.V. Shows

Flash   – Currently watching

Arrow      Seasons 1-5     1-11-2018

If you want to see what I have been watching check out the page here.



1/4/2018 Goal Update


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These are the goals with the most impact so far.  It is a slow start but I will take any progress I can get.  How are your goals for 2018 looking?  I hope you have not abandoned them yet!!

To raise Influenster score to 2000!

I am at 1600 and only need 400 points to go.  If you want you can follow me on my social media accounts found here.  I appreciate the follow!

To receive 10 free samples

I received the email today from crowdtap.  I am approved for the Unilever sampling (16).  I am super excited and can’t wait to reveal what is in it.  9 more samples to go!

Buy 200 dirt cheap baskets and make $5 profit per basket.

We received one today and I made a $9 profit and haven’t finished selling yet.  I did get almost 50 blank shirts that if those don’t sell will use to make shirt transfers once I figure out that part of my cameo 3 machine! 199 baskets to go!

Write 200 blog post.

This will be my 4th one.  Only 196 left to go!

Reach 200 pounds!

Jan. 1, 2018 I weighed in at 239.8 pounds.  I will weigh in again on the 7th! 39.8 pounds to go!


Influenster Score


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One of my goals this year is to increase my Influenster score.  The score is basically the amount of followers you have for different social network sites.  I am going to list my sites and links, if you have these I hope you will follow me and I will follow you back!

Influenster – www.influenster.com/r/3754574

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/created.by.meggan/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/meggan.dunn.73

Twitter – https://twitter.com/createdbymeggan

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH54UH0U8IDQ398dhbbdb0w?view_as=subscriber

Tumblr – https://www.tumblr.com/blog/created-by-meggan


Google Plus – created.by.meggan@gmail.com

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/createdbymeggan/


WordPress – createdbymeggan.wordpress.com


2018 Goals


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I think it is very important to start the year with GOALS, because we all need to have an idea of what we want to accomplish for the year.  Here is my 30 goals to start the year with.  I hope you have your goals written down to!

  1. Reach 200 pounds by Dec. 31, 2018
  2. Write 200 blog post for 2018 (I am on my 2nd post of the year!)
  3. Pay off 1 work loan (This is a little bit of a cheater because I will have 1 paid off no matter what, but listed it so I can try to pay it off sooner!)
  4. Raise credit score to 700 points per Credit Karma (which is completely free).  I did have it at 600 points but when I logged in to verify I was amazed it had already reached 648/654.  We are wanting to purchase a house in a couple of years, so this is important to raise!
  5. To read 200 different books to Joey.  I love to read and want to encourage my son to love to read too.
  6. To visit the library at least 12 times.  Sadly last year we only went one time for the Christmas party.  I want to go more often because I really don’t want to buy 200 different books if I can help it ;).
  7. To sell all unwanted items of 2017.  It goes with the wanting to buy a house in a couple of years, don’t want to hold onto unwanted items! I want to use the extra cash to pay off my work loan.
  8. Buy 200 dirt cheap baskets, because I almost always make my money back and some extra.
  9. To make an extra $5 per basket, I can put $1,000 towards my loan and that would be awesome!
  10. To learn all functions and uses for my new Silhouette Cameo 3! It is very slow starting for me.
  11. To earn $250 on the Cameo 3 (really want to get the loan paid off faster 😉 )
  12. To pick 10 projects for the 100 day party. (My son’s teacher asked me to help with the party)
  13. To complete 10 projects for the 100 day party.
  14. To pick 10 projects for the Easter party (My son’s teacher asked me to help with this party too!)
  15. To complete 10 projects for the Easter party!
  16. To make 3 large crochet t-shirt beds for the Electra Animal Shelter.
  17. To receive 10 free samples this year! (I love getting packages in the mail and free samples is awesome!)
  18. To do 2 large photo shoots with Joey, I have been scared to tackle this one!
  19. To go to 2 movies with Joey.  He has not been the most well behaved kid in movie theaters, but think it is important to see the big screen every now and then!
  20. To go to 2 movies for adults only without Joey! I really miss going to the movies!
  21. To complete 5 generation Family Tree for Dominique.  I really did let this one slip out of my hands last year!
  22. To Complete 5 generation Family Tree for Joey.
  23. To complete 10 wreaths.  I keep seeing everyone’s wreaths on the Dollar Tree Facebook group and they are so pretty!  I have been watching a ton of video’s and really want to create some.
  24. To sell 5 wreaths because I don’t want my house to be overwhelmed with wreaths!
  25. To increase my influenster score to 2000. The higher the score the more free samples you get! Currently I am at 1598. I will do a post on this one and show you how the score is calculated.
  26. To be able to put my hair into a pony tail.  I am still struggling with frozen shoulder so I am unable to put my hair into a pony tail.  I am supposed to be doing 15 minutes of exercise a day to get it back to normal and I have not been doing it properly.  I want to change that for 2018!
  27. To walk 20 miles.  I need to work on getting more active and think this is the best way.  Hopefully I can do a mile or more a week until I reach my goal!
  28. To clean and organize the garage.  It really does look like a tornado hit this place.  Hopefully I can sell most of the items in here!
  29. To clean and organize the shed (this mostly has my decorations for the holidays.  I really need to repack and mark tubs with what Holiday they are for!)
  30. To crochet 20 projects other than the dog beds!

2017 Free Samples


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Here is my 2017 Free Sample Reviews.  If you haven’t tried any I would highly recommend these!



  1. Halloween Contest -which lead to VoxBox 1
  2. InfluensterEats
  3. Kohl’s Happy Dance -which lead to VirtualVox 4
  4. Kohl’s “Give Joy” Holiday
  5. #GiftCrush


  1. Garnier Halloween Style VoxBox
  2. Tinsel VoxBox


    To Date earned Amazon Gift Cards totaling $20

    1. Splenda Naturals Sugar & Stevia Sweetner Blend


  1. PINCHme Box #1
    1. Sugru Mouldable Glue
    2. Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar
    3. RXBar Kids Protien Bar



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Here is the list of TV Shows I have watched in 2017.  Working from home you get lots of T.V. time in.  I am always looking for new suggestions, if you have one please comment below.

Forensic Files – Collection 1-9

Parenthood – Seasons 1-6 Ended

From Dusk Till Dawn – Seasons 1-3

Stranger Things – Seasons 1-2

Dexter – Seasons 1-8 Ended

Van Helsing – Season 1

American Horror Story – Seasons 1-6

How To Get Away With Murder – Seasons 1-3

Walking Dead – Seasons 1-7

Once Upon A Time – Seasons 1-6

NCIS – Seasons 1-14

The Originals – Seasons 1-4

Criminal Minds – Seasons 1-12

Supernatural – Seasons 1-12

Vampire Diaries – Seasons 1-8 Ended

Lost Girl – Season 1-5 Ended

The Finder – Season 1 Ended

CSI – Miami – Season 1-10 Ended

Bones – Seasons 1-11 (12 Ends it)

The Killing – Seasons 1-4 Ended

Being Human – Seasons 1-4 Ended

Bates Motel – Seasons 1-4 (5 Ends it)

Haven – Seasons 1-5 Ended



Pinch Me Box #1


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So I received my first pinchme.com box of samples.

  1. Sugru Mouldable Glue
  2. Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar
  3. RXBar Kids Protien Bar

The Sugru Mouldable Glue was hands down the best item in this box.  It was bright yellow so I thought long and hard on how to use it.  With a little research I found it was water proof and dishwasher safe.  I am renting my house and I knew the landlord would not want to replace my dishwasher due to a faulty drawer so I decided I would use the sample to fix it.  The drawer had been causing me lots of frustration!  It worked.  The drawer no longer falls out and causes me extra work.  2 thumbs up, if you haven’t tried this glue I highly recommend it!

The Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar and the RXBar Kids protein bar received 2 thumbs down from my husband, 4 year old and myself.  we each took a bite and the rest we threw away.

Influenster- Kohl’s “Give Joy” Holiday


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I received the Virtual Box from Influenster – Kohl’s “Give Joy” Holiday which was a $10 Kohl’s a cash.  Who isn’t excited to receive free money!

So my husband and I headed to Kohl’s and was happy to find this gem, that already had a huge Kohl’s discount already and with my Kohl’s cash we paid a total of 21 cents.  (Yes, we had to break a dollar for it lol)

This is going to make a great Christmas present for my 4 year old (Can’t wait for Christmas!!)!

What has been your best Christmas purchase?

11-30-2017 Journal Update


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This month has been a tough one with Thanksgiving, trying to get the house in order and my son’s birthday.  I should be writing on here more because it always helps me and is my me time, but seems like the first thing I cut when I am overwhelmed.

My daughter finally called me and started up a relationship with me again.  I couldn’t have received a better Christmas present!  She did give me pretty gut wrenching news, she has started talking to her biological father.  I haven’t talked about him before but he was a horrible father.  For the short time we were married he didn’t have much to do with my daughter and then after we divorced he cut all contact.  We divorced before my daughter even started school and it wasn’t until she was in 5th grade he decided he wanted joint custody.  Instead of contacting me personally or hiring a lawyer he called the Dr. Phil show.  I am not one to go on national tv and do the whole drama thing.  Of course I turned it down.  Then no contact was made until she was in high school and his new wife contacted her.  Once my daughter asked her for back child support she deleted her facebook account and never heard from them again (until my daughter contacted him.)

I was always open and honest with her, but somehow he was able to convince her that I kept him away.  Which if you rationally think about it would have been impossible for me to do if he would have been interested in seeing her.  He rarely made a child support payment and is over $80,000 behind.  He convinced her that he has been paying and I just kept it from her.  I always planned on putting the child support money in a savings account and using it for her college, but the money never came.

I know I wasn’t the best mother, but I loved her more than anything on earth and I tried really hard.  I would be lying if I didn’t say it hurt that he could spend 18 years not caring and be treated better.  I can’t do anything about it because if I do it will just cause a wedge between my daughter and me again.  So of course I told her it was ok and that it was her choice.  I tried to defend myself till I realized it was pointless.  I told her that all I could do was be honest and give her my side of the story, but in the end she had to make her own mind up on what she wants to believe.

I just hope he doesn’t hurt her anymore than he already did.  The stories I have been told since we divorced really scare me and I pray she keeps him at a distance.

Knowing she is ok makes me happy and I will hold onto this holiday blessing.