4-25-2017 Journal Update


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Things have calmed down a little bit, but not all the way.  I figure the aftermath of living in Winnie, will linger for many months to come.  We are trying to figure out if we want to get a rental house here in Electra or if we want to stay with my sister and save up for a down payment to get a place further south to be closer to more of my family.

The rest of this month and next my craft projects are going to consist of a money cake and my daughter’s graduation blanket.  These items have a deadline and I don’t want to miss it.

Starting today I am going to start getting back into reading other’s blogs and focus on my writing.  I hope everyone has an awesome day!


Moving Checklist


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There was a mess up with the rental car and they wanted to charge me an extra $200 dollars, I got angry and said forget it.  Will just figure something else out.  Dad has been out of work for the last 6 weeks so I offered to pay him to do the first load for me.  Figure that way I could save money and he could have some extra in his pocket.  But that means the bidder stuff wont get done.

I am praying the rest of this move goes smoothly, but I am going to just keep chugging along and hoping for the best!


  1. Box up all items sold on Bidders and label it (sold $21 worth of items and dad is going to drop it off since I will be out of town.). **need more newspaper and another small box**
  2. Finish laundry and pack all clothes/bedding.
  3. Organize everything into 5 categories.
    1. Take this trip.
    2. Take this trip if I have room/next if I don’t.
    3. Take end of May.
    4. Give away to Aunt or friends
    5. Throw away
  4. Clean Items being given to my aunt (she is trying to earn money for her cruise in Oct.) and have them ready to be loaded up in the morning.
  5. Drop off first load of items to my Aunt’s house on the way to get the rental truck.
  6. Pick up the rental truck
  7. Gather up all of my sons outside toys and items outside I don’t want stolen and lock in house.
  8. Pack up important electronics.
    1. Work laptop
    2. Personal laptop
    3. Printer
    4. Binding Machine
    5. Monitor (can wait till next trip if not enough room)
    6. Bedroom TV
    7. Roku’s
    8. Camera and accessories (tripod)
  9. Load Entertainment center and bed in back of truck first (then whatever else will safely fit.
  10. Back seat of truck load all of the clothes and electronics first and then whatever else will fit.

End of May:

  1. Cancel both electric service
  2. Cancel Internet
  3. Get dad to cancel the water account
  4. Assist dad in moving his stuff to my aunt’s house.
  5. From a friend’s house pick up my doll cabinet (that I have had since I was a kid)
  6. Take the rest of the items to my aunt that I don’t want for her to raise money for her trip.
  7. Give items to friends that I don’t want.

Missing in Action- Journal Update


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Wanted to apologize for being missing in action for a few days now.  It has been drama central around my house to the point I broke.  I tried to hold on for my husband because he struggles to always think the best of his family and wanted to be near them.  After almost 6 years of being stuck in this town and it getting worse and worse, the bottom fell.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you will know that we have had our fair share of issues.

  1. Trouble with the people we were purchasing our property from to give us legal dimensions and to stand up to what they agreed upon.
  2. Husband’s youngest 2 brother’s stole the property that he was supposed to inherit and after taking them to court still didn’t get any justice.
  3. His 2nd to the youngest brother and his friends stole my daughter’s truck, but since the sheriff’s department didn’t write up the report correctly we couldn’t get the proof we needed.
  4. Not to mention all the driveway/road drama!
  5. Having trouble with my daughter because my husband’s aunt told her a lie that drew a wedge between us and I don’t know if I will ever fix it!
  6. The same Aunt and her boyfriend we let move in with us in July and they managed to steal my dad’s guns, assist in the stolen truck and now have called CPS on us because they stated my son was playing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.  (My son can’t even open the front door and sleeps with me, so there is no way that would ever be true!)
  7. So after all the trouble we found out that they do no legally own the trailer they parked on our property.  So now we are in the process of finding the correct owners so we can either get the trailer back to them or get the title for it. (In which we plan to sell it to recoup some of the cost of the stolen truck!)

That doesn’t even include everything just some of the high points of our life in this really ugly town!  So we made the decision that we are moving to Electra (where only my sister knows me)!  We are going to try to start fresh and pray for little to no drama.  We are going to stay with my sister until we find a house to purchase or we decide if we are moving to the Yoakum area to be around more of my family.

Please pray for me and my family that this change will make all the difference in our life!  I really want to be able to focus on the right things and not all the bad.

I appreciate everyone who has stopped into my blog even though I am not around to look into others.  I plan to get back into full swing of blog updating/reading and crafting on Monday.

Fight CPS Hand Book | Something For The People


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Knowledge is power and this was full of great knowledge and provided me with lots of power. 

If you have a child this is a must read! You need to know your rights,  it is the only way to protect yourself. 

Soap Box: False Reporting!


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I understand the desire to retaliate against a person, it is human nature.  I feel you should not do so by filing a false police report or by calling a hotline anonymously!!

If your need for retaliation is so strong you want to make a police report or call a hotline anonymously, do so with true and correct information.

When it is a false report all it does is irritate the people you call on and makes you look like an idiot!

If you had any common sense, you would call the police immediately if you seen a child playing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.  Not the next morning when you decide to get up for your first cup of coffee!

If you make false reports than you need to do a self check on your character!

When CPS or law enforcement is investigating a falsified report of abuse, it prevents them from investigating real abuse cases. It is similar to someone calling 911 to have an ambulance take him or her to an appointment when they have family who assists them. Simply stated, false allegations of child abuse endangers lives and places considerable strain on the people working in CPS, law enforcement, the court system, and the medical community.

The linked column above is from the Bella Online:

CPS False Allegations of Child Abuse


The Fate of the Furious


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I am a major fan of the Fate of the Furious, and it must have been fate that brought it out on my birthday!  So we made my dad babysit and off to the movies we went!

It was really weird to watch it without Paul Walker being in it, but the movie didn’t let you down.  It was full of action and comedy!

Jason Statham is one of my favorite actors so it was nice to see him in the movie!

It will be a long time before I get to go back to the movie, but I was happy I went to this one.

The only bad thing was it came out of Easter weekend.  It seemed like more people were trying to drive like they were in the movie this weekend, or maybe I was just more aware of it!


Other Reviews…

Smurfs: The Lost Village

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Smurfs: The Lost Village


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I felt guilty about sneaking off to the movies without my son so yesterday we took him to the movies.  I wanted to see the new Smurf movie and so that is what we decided on.

Overall it was a really cute movie (I have a soft spot for smurfs).  From a 3 year old’s point of view it got slow towards the end and he started losing interest.

It felt like the Smurf’s were all trying to find that someone special.  Hefty tried to hook up with Smurfette, Clumsy with SmurfStorm and Papa Smurf with SmurfWillow and it gave it the wrong atmosphere.

I would have been ok waiting for this one to come to Netflix before watching it.  Not as good as the first Smurf movie.

Have you seen Smurfs: The Lost Village yet?

Happy Easter!


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Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Hope you all have a great one and get to spend it with Family, Friemds and good food.

I am spending it with my Aunt Sharon, my husband, son, father and my friend Vicki! 

Joey got an Easter basket filled with cars and candy and can’t wait to play with it. Making him wait till we get to my aunt’s house or never would have gotten him out of the house this morning. Husband got him lots of plastic eggs, more than he needs, so hoping some of the neighborhood kids are around.

Happy Easter!!!!

Birthday Review!


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Today is my birthday!  Hello 38..goodbye 37!

It has been a really rough year!  I knew it would be but it was rough in a bad way and not the good way I was hoping for.  So unfortunately no great reveal on the secrets of life or these great life lessons I thought I would learn and go through this year.  Unfortunately I have become pretty bitter and even removed a whole town off my Facebook!

I have started trying to become a better me for me.  That is the focus this year.  I am going to keep working on getting my house completely cleaned and organized.  I am going to work on eating better.  Most of all I am going to spend as much quality time with family that I can because you never know when that will be taken away from you.

Today I am going to put my all into my real job, and then I am going to go watch some hot guys (aka Fate of the Furious (how cool it comes out on my birthday!), eat steak, grocery shop and then come home and binge watch CSI-Miami.

If you were born today, Happy Birthday!  If you are stopping in, thank you 🙂

Tommy’s Girl


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Sitting alone at the table in the corner

Wondering why he was haunting her

All the memories she tried to control

Of carefree days when he would hold

Her in his arms until the morning

She tried to forget the warning

Her friend gave her when she heard

She had become Tommy’s girl


Now alone while everyone dances

She gave up her dreams to take a chance

Tears of frustration rolled down her face

She tried not to make decisions in a haste

She looked up and they walked to the floor

Side by side was Tommy and his new girl


She knew it was only time

Before he left her mind

For it had only been a whirl

She had been Tommy’s girl


By: Meggan Moore