Graduation Lottery Cake


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I wanted to make my daughter something special for graduation other than the blanket so I made her a graduation lottery cake.  She may not when anything but gives her a chance to win something big!  Who doesn’t like the anticipation of scratching off a lottery ticket.

Since she used to love being in band I used some music sheet paper and cut it to fit the top of each Styrofoam circle.  I then hot glued the paper onto the Styrofoam.  I also glued the small one to the center of the large one.  Then I used one of the graduation hats from party city and glued it to the top and filled it with quarter chocolate to match her school colors.  I put the ribbon around to hide the edges of the paper and to decorate the top edges of the Styrofoam circle.  I then pined the lottery tickets around the cake.  I added some charms and a necklace to it to add more of a personal touch.



5-20-2017 Journal Update


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The roller coaster ride is still continuing….


Wednesday my sister, son and I went to dinner since my husband wasn’t feeling good.  When I got home he was curled up on the couch and looked sick.  All the signs pointed to something serious so I forced him against his will to go to the Emergency Room.  He was running a temp of 103.1 and said his whole body hurt.  At this point he has been sick for about a week, but he kept claiming it was nothing serious and at first I believed him.  So then they did xrays and a cat scan on him and found he had two kidney stones, one in each kidney.  The one on the right was twice as big as the one on the left side.  It became extremely infected since the kidney stone is way to big.  So they admitted him to the hospital and sent him to a bigger hospital.  He got a stint to go from his kidney to his bladder and was sent home the next day.  He goes back at the end of the month so they can see if enough of the infection has gone away in order to do surgery to break up the kidney stone so he can pass it.  They said if he didn’t come in when he did that he could have died from the infection.  Extremely scary and it forced me to get ugly with my husband and tell him he needed to start doing regular doctor visits or else!

New Car:

I went to Patterson’s in Wichita Falls, TX and was approved for a 2015 Kia Forte.  I absolutely love it and was so happy to get approved on my own.  Since I was having issues getting to the car lots to look for a car I just called the dealership and told them I was looking for the newest, most dependable car for under $300 a month.  Gave them my application information and they picked it out and was able to locate the financing for me.  I have bad credit so I was extremely excited!


I am still living with my sister but we decided to not let the property in Winnie go, but I still refuse to move back to it.  My aunt is trying to help me get the house next to hers and if I can I will move into it.  Hopefully I find something soon because living with people is not something I enjoy doing.  I will keep you posted on the status as I learn more.


Right now we are focused on getting my husband better and finding a long term home.  I am hoping to get back to blogging on a more regular basis but I don’t want to commit to something I can’t do.


Happy Mother’s Day!!


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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!!! I don’t have any big plans today, just going to take it easy.  I have been working on my daughter’s graduation afghan and her family tree book.  I love the twisted shell border on the blanket.

Still on a Roller Coaster Ride



It has been a few days since I have given an update.  Still on a major roller coaster ride (can’t wait for it to level out some).

The CPS case was finally closed.  They agreed we were victims of retaliation.  I don’t ever plan on having any interaction with my husbands family again!

The 17 acres my dad was wanting to buy fell through (maybe a blessing in disguise).  My aunt decided not to move with us because of her friend and then she messaged me upset because she didn’t want us to move away from her.  The only reason I was wanting to move to south Texas was to be near my aunt and let her be closer to her kids.  So we are now looking at buying closer to my aunt.  Which means we have more options on property and dad can stay with his doctor (which he didn’t want to lose).

I just hope it will still be far enough away from my husbands family!

On to the good news, my daughter’s graduation blanket it coming together nicely.  I finished the green single crochet border and now working on this twisted shell border.  I really love how it is coming out.  I am hoping to be done with the border this weekend and get started on the applique pieces to go on the empty blocks.  I am thinking about taking the first flower my daughter drew me and make that a block.

My foot also seems to be getting closer to healing.  I actually starting to feel like it may stop hurting some day.

5-7-2017 Journal Update


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If your asking yourself what happened to her plan on doing a journal update every day, working on getting healthy, finishing craft projects….That went out the window fast!

My sister’s friend decided to move this weekend and needed some help.  So my husband and I offered to assist.  Assist being the key word.  It turned out that it was mostly just the 4 of us.  All her other friends help was no where to be seen.  We are not exactly A team material.  I am still getting over a foot injury (the pain meds just give me bad dreams) and my shoulder has been acting up.  My sister is having severe hip pain (keep telling her to go to the doctor!) My husband has really bad knees from his football days from high school and they are threating to give out on him.  My brother in law is having shoulder issues to.  Yesterday my husband moved heavy stuff for about 4 hours alone (beds, dressers, home gym) and then fell off the porch (thankfully he was not hurt!)

I feel like he got overly used especially with the fact we have to move the rest of our stuff at the end of the month and move my dad’s stuff (with no help).  I know it is unchristian like, but our days of helping people move is over.  It is too much to ask someone to do and not sure if we have it in us to do it again.

Thankfully they found someone else today to finish with the washer and dryer and the last couple of dressers!!

Other than moving, I had to pay my dads bills for him.  I use his money but pay every bill personally.  I never realized how old that gets.  It is easier though to pay his bills than to clean up after him.  Although if everything works out will be back to cleaning up after him in 3-6 months!

Dad has a meeting with the relator tomorrow to see if he can use his VA loan or has to do a traditional loan to get the 17 1/2 acres in South Texas.  It is a 4 bedroom home and if he gets it we will be moving back to South Texas to help him pay the mortgage on it.  Once it is paid off dad is going to make me co-owner of it.  That will then hopefully be our last move!

Today I am resting and tomorrow I will try again to start reaching for my goals.  Hopefully everyone has had a great weekend!!

5-2-2017 Journal Update


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Tonight I finished a few more rows on the snow queen blanket.  I am going to have to stop working on it long enough to get the graduation blanket done.  That is my goal tomorrow to make a big dent in the graduation blanket.

Teenage Drama:

My sister and the neighbor across the street have been having issues with their teenage daughters.  I am sitting back shaking my head and thanking God it isn’t my drama to deal with!

New Tomorrow:

Starting tomorrow I am going to start my journey on getting healthier!  I am going to do a daily blog post about it.  I am going to share with you my weight, food, and exercise.  For the first week I am mostly going to work on the food journal.  I still have the injured foot so will have to do research on exercises I can do to deal with it.  Hopefully find things I can include my 3 year old son in.

I hope everyone had an awesome day and looking forward to the new journey I am fixing to start on!

5-1-2017 Journal Update


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Blog Goal:

Things have been calming down here a bit and so I am going to attempt to do a Journal Update once a day and hopefully soon start adding other post.  I am trying to focus on getting the two big crochet projects done and that way I can focus on other things without stressing about those being left undone.

Spoiled Son:

My son is a spoiled kid, my sister just bought him a ton of things from the dollar store.  Some was on sale for real cheap and some weren’t.  I told my sister she needs to only buy the items on sale so she isn’t spending a ton of money.

Living Situation:

Currently we are living with my sister.  We were going to rent a house up here, but we had to put it on hold.  Dad has his heart set on the 17 1/2 acres in South Texas and says he may need help with the house payments.  If he gets it then we will be moving to South Texas with him, if he doesn’t then we will go ahead and rent the house up here.

Car Situation:

I talked to my dad this weekend and he has agreed to cosign on a car with me.  I am hoping I will be able to apply for the loan and get a car on Friday or Saturday at the latest! It will be nice to be able to have a vehicle again.  We have been waiting forever to get one because of the driveway drama, but now that we don’t have to worry about that we can work on getting one!

Crochet WIP:

Snow Queen Blanket: I am slightly over the halfway mark to finishing this blanket.  I just work on it a little bit every night.

Daughter’s Graduation Blanket:  I have decided the rest of the blocks I am going to make plain and then add some appliques to them.  I am hoping that will assist in getting it done faster but still look good.  Once I get the blank blocks finished I will show yall an updated picture of it.

What I am Watching:

I just finished watching The Finder today.  It was a pretty good show, but only had one season.  Want to see what else I have been watching then please click here.

4-27-2017 Journal Update


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1 More Day till the Weekend!!

Friday is what I consider my busiest day of work (every other Friday I should say).  In the morning I will go through and make sure the easiest task for work are done and then work on cleaning up all the reports so my checklist I send to my boss looks as good as possible.  It is only an 8 hour day so it goes by pretty fast especially since I try to get as much done as quickly as possible.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and lots of good weekend plans!

Small Town Entertainment:

You know you live in an extremely small town when your entertainment consist of the city digging up the neighbors yard, shaking your head at the clothes choices of the neighbor and sweeping the front steps for something different to do.  I can’t wait till I get a new lens for my camera and a car!!


I got my room cleaned at my sister’s house and except for a few containers I have everything organized too.  Not saying much since we didn’t bring a lot, but I am still going to claim it as a victory!

To Do List:

  1. Go to DPS office to see if I can get travel trailer put in husbands name that was abandoned on our property.
  2. Locate a car, really getting tired of not having one, and can’t use dad’s anymore.
  3. Finish snow queen blanket.
  4. Finish graduation blanket.
  5. Start graduation money cake.
  6. Go through 3 containers.


I am now half way done with my snow queen blanket.  It is turning out really pretty.  I am waiting till I am done to take photos and write a post about it.  I promise it is being worked on.  I got frustrated so I had to stop what I was doing and make a yarn ball because the yarn kept tangling.

To Early!:

My niece decided today she was going to set her alarm for 5am to ensure she got up in time.  Usually she gets up at 6am and so I get up with her and start work.  So I jumped up thinking it was 5 am, yelled at her to get up, and she says in a half awake voice “It’s only 5 I don’t get up till 6”!  Oh, I about lost my marbles, yelled at her for setting an alarm an hour early and then went back to bed. Two minutes later I realized that was a fools notion and gathered up a dr. pepper and some snacks, and started my day! (Have I mentioned how annoying teenagers are?????)



4-26-2017 Journal Update


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My sister had some of her own child drama today and all I can say is I am happy not to be in her shoes!  It seems to be nowhere you go can you escape the drama of life.  I am still trying to convince my husband a little town in Rhode Island is calling our name!

I had a headache that wouldn’t go away so I snuck in a few hour nap.  Although now I will have a hard time falling asleep tonight, but the nap took the headache away!

I have been working on my snow queen blanket and the family tree today.  My sister found a binder with a ton of her family tree information on her father’s side.  I am swimming in a ton of family tree information.  I am hoping to come up with a game plan to share some of this information on my blog.

I have to go this weekend to get a new camera lens for my camera, the old one quit working.  I already got a request to do senior photos.  Just working out the details for this.

Also working out details to do the dinner and theater at the local high school.  Looking forward to a good night out.

Hope everyone had a good day!

Carlitos – Electra, TX


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This is my first restaurant review.


600 S Bailey St.

Electra TX 7660

Carlitos is a Mexican restaurant near my sister’s house.  We wanted to eat somewhere close to us since my dad had a long drive back to Winnie.

We started out by ordering drinks.  I wanted to order my son milk but was told that lemonade was the only kids drink they have.  (The reviews said it was a kid friendly restaurant).  Only have 1 drink option for a child does not feel kid friendly.  They brought the drink out in a regular cup (which was a guarantee spill risk) and my sister had to suggest that putting it in a to go cup would be a safer option.

My first time at a Mexican restaurant I usually order fajitas.  This is the best way for me to judge how the service and food is.  I always order beef fajitas with extra sour cream, no guacamole, extra rice and no beans.  I find it simple, but most waiter/waitress do not seem to find it simple.  It took the waiter 4 tries to get this right.

I ordered my son cheesy nachos and I hoped it would come out before our food or with our food.  I had to order it 3 times for him to finally to receive his order.  By the time his food came out he was already cranky, hungry and defiant to eat.  It did not help that we were all done eating and ready to go.

My husband is allergic to cooked onion and he ordered the only dish on the menu that did not state it had onion in it.  He told the waiter that he was ordering this plate because he didn’t state it had onions and that he could not consume cooked onions. At this time the waiter should have told him it had cooked onion at the very least he should have double checked with the waiter and let us know.

The rice was extremely dry to me and the meat had a weird taste to it.  My dad really liked the salsa, so that was a plus.

Although they took off my husbands order and gave us a little discount it was still over $60 for 3 orders of fajitas and a child’s nachos.  The service and food was not worth the expensive price.

I would not recommend this restaurant and could not understand the high ratings it received in the online reviews.  I would give this restaurant a 1 star!

Have you ever eaten at Carlitos in Electra, Texas?  If so what was your experiencev?