I am a mother:

I have a daughter Dominique and a son Joey they are 14 1/2 years apart!

I am a writer:

Writing was my passion and I ignored it for so long because life started to overwhelm me, but it was the one thing that made life easier to deal with. So I started my WordPress blog to help me get back into what I love doing the most. I love writing anywhere from poetry, to fiction to a To Do List!

I am a crafter:

Crocheting: I was taught at a young age to crochet chain and double crochet. Recently I taught myself how to read patterns and to crochet new stitches. I really enjoy crocheting and it has become my 2nd favorite hobby!

I also love to sew, cross stitch and all different types of crafts.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope to read your blog soon!