1st Craft Show October 6, 2018 : Halloween Zombiepalozza

My first craft show was Saturday October 6 for the Halloween Zombiepalozza.  This event was put on to raise money and awareness for Base Camp Lindsey.  Base Camp Lindsey is a little village created for homeless vets to get the help they need and back on their feet.

My friend was generous enough to cover my entry fee this time.


Booth Fee: $0

# of Items: 77

$ Amt to Sell: $283

Amt Sold: $10

# of items sold: 2

Special Note: Event rained out

It started out really good.  I sold my  2 items very quickly.  Then another woman came up to the booth super excited about my Soap Dish Dresses.  I gave her my information so I could make her a custom one for her anniversary.  Then the rain hit and washed out the event.

I am not disappointed because I did sell (it could have been worse) and I got to spend the day hanging out with my friend.  People took photos at the photo back drop I had created. The following is the list of helpful advice I learned from my 1st show!

Helpful Advice

  1. Don’t use a tarp that is 10x’s to big with high winds
  2. Don’t forget to check to make sure you have the tie down stakes for your canopy
  3. Don’t give up just because your event rains out
  4. Do make sure to have extra battery chargers **charged** so you can charge your phone
  5. Don’t stress over display.  Do the best you can the first time and then try to improve each time after.
  6. Take a picture of your display each time so you can work to improve


My friend and I are going to try our luck with another craft show.  This one is an indoor one!! Oct 13-14, 28th Annual Wilbarger Regional Craft Show.  I will update on how this event goes.

I hope my craft show journey can assist someone else in their journey!

Craft Show – How much to make!