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How much should I make and bring to a craft show?  I have searched this question a lot, have you?  Also how much variety to bring etc etc etc.  No one gives you the magic number!!!  Found some that say 10xs the booth fee, enough to replace the items sold on your table (I am not a future teller (I wish)).

My friend asked me to do a craft booth on Oct. 6 at the Zombie Palooza.  My half of the booth is $15.  (If I don’t make the money back, it is ok because the money is going towards building a Veterans village to help them get back on their feet).

$15 x 10 = $150.  That will be my initial goal of items to make and have available for sale.  As for amount, I have set a limit of 15 of each item.  I don’t want to be stuck with 50 items of something that wont sale.  Is this going to be too much or too little.  To be honest I have no idea!  I feel this is a good starting point.

Now the work of getting these items made has begun.  I also have to think about how to display them. I haven’t been to a craft fair in forever!  I have never done one myself so it should be interesting.

I still have some of my dirt cheap items that I need to get rid of.  So I am going to bring them a$nd have boxes of these items for $1 each or $.50 each with purchase of a craft item.