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Prek Injustice

There was not enough time to fight for my son to be able to go back to school.  It saddens me because school was so good for him.  I am going to look on the bright side and now we are able to move sooner than expected (hopefully).

Baby Shower

This Saturday is my daughter’s Safari Baby Shower. I have been working hard on it and plan to make post about it.  Since we are trying to keep the details secret until the big day I will work on those post next week.  I can’t wait to share some of my creations with everyone.

October Halloween Fest

My friend and I plan on having a booth at the Halloween Fest in October.  I started creating items for it.  Since it will be my very first time trying to sell my crafts in public I am pretty excited/nervous about it.  Of course all the research online I could not find anything about how much product or how many different types of products I should have, I will wing it.  I will keep everyone updated on it.

Getting Caught Up

I know I have fell completely behind on reading other people’s post and I apologize for that!  I will be starting today on trying to get caught up with as many blogs as I can.  Looking forward to some inspiration!