Here is my moving checklist (it will be a growing living document!


  1. Pay of work loan 1
  2. Pay of work loan 2
  3. Pay of Credit Card
  4. Put money in savings to pay off car
  5. Save up enough money for Moving Expenses
  6. Save up enough for any appliance purchase we may need
  7. Save up money or deposits
  8. Save as much to assist with Down Payment (will be taking a work loan for the remaining)

Getting Rid of Located Clutter

  1. Make sure to list all for sale items on my personal Facebook group
  2. Make sure to actively list items in all the surrounding Facebook groups
  3. Look for places that will allow me to sell items on the weekend (flea markets etc)
  4. Starting 4/28, start donating items to Faith Missions and the Special Olympics that haven’t sold.
  5. Post things to bidders during trips back to Beaumont
  6. Have lots of garage sales!


  1. Move all unwanted items immediately to the garage
  2. Go through closets once a month to get rid of unwanted or needed items
  3. Determine furniture that will be moved and the ones that wont start making arrangements to sell/donate


  1. After each Holiday pack neatly and well label all decorations.
  2. After Winter next year start packing all clothes no longer needed.
  3. Joey’s clothes, pack and label all clothes he is still to big for.
  4. Start packing dishes that are not needed on a daily basis.
  5. Start packing craft items and clearly labeling (so I can still use but quickly pack)