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Do you ever get where your mind is so full and disorganized.  That is where my mind is right now and I am slowly working to get it organized and cleaned out!  I big hurdle for my husband and I, was our living arrangement.  We moved to Electra due to Hurricane Harvey and we have been trying to determine if we wanted to stay or move back down south.

We had a lot of pros and cons for staying and moving back.  The ultimate decision maker was my son.  He misses his sister way to much for us to even consider staying.  We want to make it the best move back that we can and we want it to be permanent.  So I am trying hard to take the right steps to get us there.

I will be making a very extensive moving plan and trying my very best to stay on schedule.  I want to be able to purchase a house June 2019.  An be moved in and ready for Joey’s Kindergarten year!

Having moving suggestions or a blog that helps with moving, buying a house, etc. Please drop a link or a comment below!