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TBall Photo Shoot

I finally did my first big photo shoot with Joey.  It was definitely a love/hate relationship!!  He is not an easy person to do a photo shoot and I had to work extra hard, I threw fits like a 4 year old, I threatened to eat his candy, but I got it done!

Joey In front of truckJoey on Tractor


Dirt Cheap/Donations

As you know my goal for the year was 200 dirt cheap baskets.  To date I have bought 39 baskets.  As of today I have made all my money back, kept lots of items for myself including enough toys for Joey to have an awesome birthday and Christmas!  I have donated items to people in Electra that were new but just didn’t feel right selling (underclothes and food).  Then my husband picked up several baskets full of folders and notebooks.  I donated 200 paper folders to Electra Food Bank (they give out school supplies to the needy).  Now tonight until 11am tomorrow I am gathering up items to donate to the Wichita Summer Olympics.  I think it is important to donate when you can.  I am also putting some of the items aside for next school years Holiday Party Crafts.


Today was my birthday, hello 39!  It was a good day for the most part.  Went to breakfast, dinner and did cake at my sister’s house.  Delivered some items that were purchased and took my son to the Texoma Fun House to jump.