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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning has not been easy for me, and I think it may take all Spring to accomplish it.  My husband has brought home 34 Dirt Cheap Baskets and from it we have enough items for my son’s birthday and Christmas.  We have lots of underwear and socks for my son and lots of socks for me (which is awesome because I never buy myself socks!).  I have given a ton of items away  and even sold a ton.  I started counting what I have left to sell and I still have over 2,000 items!!  We have made all our money back and now everything else I sell is pure profit.  My goal is $170 profit for the 34 baskets (I still have $154 to go).  I told my sister if someone came up to me and offered me $154 dollars for everything I would tell them to load it up!  I am having a 3 day Garage Sale next weekend and hopefully will sell a lot!

Easter Party

The Easter Party went pretty good.  It started out with making the chicken puppets (the kids made fun of it), but still enjoyed making them.  Then we went to the teacher’s house and did an Easter Egg hunt and games.  The games included Feed the bunny, bowl down the bunny, Easter Egg toss, pin the tail on the bunny and the Easter Egg balance walk.  The kids really took to the Easter Egg balance walk and some were really good at it! I was supposed to make these really cool bunny shaped PB&J sandwiches, but that was a huge fail!  I guess my cookie cutters were not sharp enough for this project.  In frustration I just made regular sandwiches and sliced the fruit without doing anything fancy.  I did draw bunny faces on the cakes.

Joey’s School Testing

Joey was tested because his teacher thought he might have Autism.  I didn’t feel he did, and since she said she wanted him tested for ADHD I agreed to the testing.  (Wasn’t till after I agreed they said it was for Autism.)  The results came back that he showed no sign of Autism and that he did show some signs of ADHD.  The examiner said this could just be the fact that we had to move due to Hurricane Harvey and moving away from his sister.  We will see how the rest of the school year and next year go.  Hopefully he starts calming down some!

David’s Surgery

David had surgery on his hernia on Thursday, so far so good.  He is still in a lot of pain but hopefully it starts hurting less pretty quickly.  He goes back to the doctor April 11 to get it checked out.

Sample Update

Just finished reviewing the Steagle Webcam Cover on 0.8L and updated the listing on my latest samples from pinch me.  I have received 8 of the 10 samples on my goal list!  If you want to see a complete listing of my samples please click here.