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Spring Cleaning

I love spring cleaning because it helps start your home nice and clean before the nice weather activities, but this year it is a real chore.  There is so much spring cleaning that needs to be done, and I get side tracked so easily!  I feel this year I may be done with Spring Cleaning about the time the cold weather comes knocking on the door!  (yes I still have Christmas pictures taped to my front door I keep forgetting to take down!)

How is your Spring Cleaning going?  (Time for me to make and extremely detailed list and start checking it off!)

Dirt Cheap

This year we have purchased 33 baskets and as of today I broke even on them!  Everything else I sell at this moment is pure profit, but have a ways to go to reach the profit amount I wanted.  Since starting this in Sept of last year I have only had a couple issues (nothing major).  I have had a ton of people happy I am selling the items and amazed that I sell it for so cheap.  (I am happy I get a ton of free items and a little extra cash).


I didn’t have much to write about, but wanted to get in the habit of writing again.  Hope everyone has a great week!