2018 Goals

  1. 200 pounds: I have not weighed myself so I don’t know where I am with it, but I am ok with that!  I am working on steps to make this happen.
    1. I am 2 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days “Soda, Coke, Pop” free!
    2. We are now working to give up going out to eat except for special occasions.  This one is proving to be extremely difficult, but will keep working on it.
  2. 200 blog post: This post makes #9 for the year.  I have fallen way behind on it.  I have rearranged my living room for the hundredth time and bought another desk.  Now I have half the room for just my office craft items.  Since I now have room to keep my computer up and running without having to constantly move it, this should assist me in blogging more often!
  3. Pay off work loan: I was hoping to have this done already, but we didn’t use the income tax for it like I thought.  I misread thinking I could make additional payments, but unfortunately I cant.  So saving the money so I can pay it off at one time once I have enough.
  4. 700 credit score: This one lowered because we had unexpected usage on the credit card, but once I get it paid off, I am hoping it shoots up again!
  5. 200 books to Joey: This one I feel extremely guilty about falling so behind on, but I am going to catch up!!  Still need 194 to go!
  6. 12 visits to the library.  I have yet to start this one.  I plan to get it started soon!
  7. Sell 2017 unwanted items:  I just mixed these items with the additional dirt cheap baskets and been selling like crazy!  I made $112 at bidders in early March and plan to do it again in a few months!
  8. 200 dirt cheap baskets: Bought 33 so far 167 to go!  A week of vacation has put us a bit behind, but hopefully we will catch up!
  9. $5 profit per basket.  I am $33 dollars short of breaking even, $43 dollars pending pick up, which will leave me $155 to profit goal!
  10. Learn my Silhouette Cameo 3! Another failed attempt, but I did get it out of the box today and gave it a permanent home which I read was the first step in the process!
  11. $250 off Cameo: probably not going to happen since I am slacking like crazy!
  12. Complete!
  13. Complete!
  14. Complete!
  15. To complete 10 projects for the Easter party! Will be complete on Friday 🙂
  16. To make 3 large crochet t-shirt beds for the Electra Animal Shelter. Another failure, but now I have plenty of time to get them made for next winter!
  17. To receive 10 free samples: Only 6 more needed!
  18. To do 2 large photo shoots with Joey. Not done yet, but plan to do one next weekend!
  19. To go to 2 movies with Joey.  Think I am going to save this one for the summer time!
  20. To go to 2 movies for adults only without Joey! Have trouble getting anyone to watch Joey so we can do this one 😦
  21. To complete 5 generation Family Tree for Dominique.  I have the bones of how I want to do the book for her and once I finish spring cleaning it will get started on.
  22. To Complete 5 generation Family Tree for Joey. Same as above
  23. To complete 10 wreaths.  I have some of the supplies and just waiting to get some more, don’t think I have enough mesh to tackle these yet!
  24. To sell 5 wreaths: Waiting for step 23 to be completed first!
  25. 2000 Influenster score.  My score dropped because I have not been active on social media, so definitely need to increase that
  26. To be able to put my hair into a pony tail.  Why am I such a procrastinator?? Hate putting in writing that I am slacking on my shoulder exercises!
  27. To walk 20 miles. Weather has not been good enough to get started on this one! Now that it has, I will start on Monday walking at least one lap around track every other day!
  28. To clean and organize the garage.  My husband started on it because when I looked at it I wanted to cry….yep long ways to go, but hopefully can start having garage sales!
  29. Complete!
  30. To crochet 20 projects other than the dog beds! 😦 Not yet started on this one either! ugg.