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Joey starts T-ball practice on Tuesday and I am super excited.  It will be his first time in a sport.  Looking forward to going to games and cheering him on!  Even thinking that I need to make T-Ball shirts for David and I!


Because my dad wanted me to co sign on a loan for him, I had to set up a Navy Federal Credit Union account.  Best banking choice I ever made.  Today I was able to lower by car loan by almost 8 percent.  If you are wanting to change banks for to have a second bank, I highly recommend this bank.  When you talk to the customers service they are extremely helpful and always nice.  Everything I have applied for I have been approved for and it makes me feel more at ease when the time comes to try for a house, I wont have any issues!

House Ups and Downs:

I found the perfect house for sale right next to the school, been on the market for awhile.  Once I told my husband we needed to work on buying it, boom it sold.  I told my husband we need to stop and get our ducks in a row before we tried to buy again.  (Which means I have to stop looking but it is hard!)


Joey’s party is on Friday March 30 and I still have a ton of work to do.  Here is the break down of what I have planned and the teacher approved.

  1. Pin the tail on the bunny : Black poster board with a bunny drawn on.  The tail is cotton balls with tape attached.
    1. I draw bunny onto poster board.
  2. Bunny on a stick photo prop: Paper plate with holes to look like a bunny.
    1. Cut paper plates in half.
    2. Cut eye holes in each plate.
    3. Glue the stick to the plate (It is prek so need to do half a majority of the work done)
    4. Cut out whiskers.
    5. Cut out bunny ears
  3. Baby Chicken puppets.
    1. Cut big circles out of card stock.
    2. Purchase yellow feather
    3. cut feet out of orange paper.
    4. cut nose out of orange paper.
  4. Easter Coloring pages
    1. print out 17 pages.
  5. Easter Bowling
    1. Rinse out the 2 liter coke bottles.
    2. Spray paint half the bottles white/ other half yellow.
    3. Decorate the bottles to look like Bunny’s and Chickens
  6. Egg toss
    1. Get a box to fit the Red Solo cups in.
    2. Get Red Solo cups
    3. Decorate the box to look like grass and eggs
  7. Feed the Bunny
    1. Get a big box
    2. Decorate box to look like bunny with mouth cut out
    3. Blow up balloons
  8. Egg balancing walk – walk and try to keep the plastic egg on the spoon.
    1. Get wood spoons
  9. Easter Lunch:
    1. Bunny Shaped PB&J sandwiches
    2. Tye Dyed Deviled eggs (another mom is doing it)
    3. Easter shaped fruit
    4. Bunny pudding cups
  10. Easter Snack
    1. Rice Krispy multi colored eggs