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I was approved and received the Unilever Sampling 16 from Crowdtap.   It is my first samples of 2018! These bottles were all full size samples.

  1. Suave Professionals Dry Scalp Care $3.48
  2. Suave Professionals Intense Moisture $3.99
  3. Suave Professionals Itchy Scalp Relief $Unknown

Suave Professionals Dry Scalp Care

Suave Professionals Anti-Dandruff +Pyrithione Zinc Dry Scalp Care 2 in 1 Infused with Eucalyptius Extract

This shampoo had an ok smell and it worked pretty good.  It was my least favorite product of the three that was sent to me.

Suave Professionals Intense Moisture

Suave Professionals 2 Minute Super Conditioner Intense Moisture

This one my favorite product. It has a good smell to it and it left my hair feeling really soft.  I have really coarse curly hair and this is not an easy thing to achieve with most conditioners.  If you haven’t tried this one before I would recommend you give it a try!

Suave Professionals ItchyScalp Relief

Suave Professionals Anti-Dandruff +Pyrithione Zinc Itchy Scalp Relief 2 in 1 Infused with Invigorating Mint

The was another favorite product for me.  This product smelled great and worked really well.  Winter has left my scalp feeling really itchy and the build up on my scalp was pretty bad.  I worked this into my scalp and it left it feeling clean and itch free.  If you are looking for a new product to try, this is highly recommended!

All products were provided for free for me to test and provide my honest opinion.