Selling 2017/New Items

I have bought 10 baskets so far.  Between what I have sold and what is pending pick up, my profit will be $8.25.

To assist with selling items I created a Facebook group Meggan Moore’s Treasure Box.  This way I can share albums to different Facebook groups to sell and have people join the group so they can buy.  It has 30 members so far!

In March I will be doing bidders.  Going to visit my daughter so it is a good time to do it and hopefully sell a bunch of items.

I also plan on doing the Frontier Days.  It is a Wild West theme and I talked to the lady who is running it and she said I could sell my items there.  It is $50 for the booth (no size limit) and the money from the booth goes to paying for Veterans housing.  I think it will be fun but not really looking forward to the dressing up!

In the future, I plan to do the city wide garage sale (the money supports a local mission) and the city Halloween Carnival.

Weight Loss

I am 19 days NO SODA!  I am hoping this is helping me lose weight, but still haven’t come up with a good solution to weighing myself.  Since our house is extremely uneven, every time I weigh myself it is 10-15 pounds difference!

100 Day Party

I might have been overzealous in wanting to choose 10 projects for it.  The teacher and I had a sit down conversation and she gave me her ideas (which is very little activities).

  1. 100 Cup Stack – We are going to divide the kids into 4 groups and have each group stack 100 cups.  It is clean and easy fun!
  2. 100 Bead Necklace: I bagged up 100 beads per student.  Each student will take a  plastic lacing and put 100 beads on them.
  3. 100 Crayon Wreath: I plan to make 100 Crayon Wreath for the teacher to have to display for the party this year and if she wants to reuse it for future years to come.
  4. Cupcakes topped with 100 symbol: I am going to cheat and just have them made at Walmart!
  5. Dress like an old person!  Each kid is going to be invited to dress like they are 100 years old!
  6. What 100 looks like: I want to create jars or something to show what 100 looks like.

Not sure If I will come up with another 4 ideas before the party!

Currently Watching:

I started iZombie (rewatching it but really like it and it isn’t on my list of watched shows for last year or this year.  I finished Dare Devil this morning, took me awhile to really get into it, but now I am hooked!

Here is the list of shows I have watched, I recommend them all!