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These are the goals with the most impact so far.  It is a slow start but I will take any progress I can get.  How are your goals for 2018 looking?  I hope you have not abandoned them yet!!

To raise Influenster score to 2000!

I am at 1600 and only need 400 points to go.  If you want you can follow me on my social media accounts found here.  I appreciate the follow!

To receive 10 free samples

I received the email today from crowdtap.  I am approved for the Unilever sampling (16).  I am super excited and can’t wait to reveal what is in it.  9 more samples to go!

Buy 200 dirt cheap baskets and make $5 profit per basket.

We received one today and I made a $9 profit and haven’t finished selling yet.  I did get almost 50 blank shirts that if those don’t sell will use to make shirt transfers once I figure out that part of my cameo 3 machine! 199 baskets to go!

Write 200 blog post.

This will be my 4th one.  Only 196 left to go!

Reach 200 pounds!

Jan. 1, 2018 I weighed in at 239.8 pounds.  I will weigh in again on the 7th! 39.8 pounds to go!