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I think it is very important to start the year with GOALS, because we all need to have an idea of what we want to accomplish for the year.  Here is my 30 goals to start the year with.  I hope you have your goals written down to!

  1. Reach 200 pounds by Dec. 31, 2018
  2. Write 200 blog post for 2018 (I am on my 2nd post of the year!)
  3. Pay off 1 work loan (This is a little bit of a cheater because I will have 1 paid off no matter what, but listed it so I can try to pay it off sooner!)
  4. Raise credit score to 700 points per Credit Karma (which is completely free).  I did have it at 600 points but when I logged in to verify I was amazed it had already reached 648/654.  We are wanting to purchase a house in a couple of years, so this is important to raise!
  5. To read 200 different books to Joey.  I love to read and want to encourage my son to love to read too.
  6. To visit the library at least 12 times.  Sadly last year we only went one time for the Christmas party.  I want to go more often because I really don’t want to buy 200 different books if I can help it ;).
  7. To sell all unwanted items of 2017.  It goes with the wanting to buy a house in a couple of years, don’t want to hold onto unwanted items! I want to use the extra cash to pay off my work loan.
  8. Buy 200 dirt cheap baskets, because I almost always make my money back and some extra.
  9. To make an extra $5 per basket, I can put $1,000 towards my loan and that would be awesome!
  10. To learn all functions and uses for my new Silhouette Cameo 3! It is very slow starting for me.
  11. To earn $250 on the Cameo 3 (really want to get the loan paid off faster 😉 )
  12. To pick 10 projects for the 100 day party. (My son’s teacher asked me to help with the party)
  13. To complete 10 projects for the 100 day party.
  14. To pick 10 projects for the Easter party (My son’s teacher asked me to help with this party too!)
  15. To complete 10 projects for the Easter party!
  16. To make 3 large crochet t-shirt beds for the Electra Animal Shelter.
  17. To receive 10 free samples this year! (I love getting packages in the mail and free samples is awesome!)
  18. To do 2 large photo shoots with Joey, I have been scared to tackle this one!
  19. To go to 2 movies with Joey.  He has not been the most well behaved kid in movie theaters, but think it is important to see the big screen every now and then!
  20. To go to 2 movies for adults only without Joey! I really miss going to the movies!
  21. To complete 5 generation Family Tree for Dominique.  I really did let this one slip out of my hands last year!
  22. To Complete 5 generation Family Tree for Joey.
  23. To complete 10 wreaths.  I keep seeing everyone’s wreaths on the Dollar Tree Facebook group and they are so pretty!  I have been watching a ton of video’s and really want to create some.
  24. To sell 5 wreaths because I don’t want my house to be overwhelmed with wreaths!
  25. To increase my influenster score to 2000. The higher the score the more free samples you get! Currently I am at 1598. I will do a post on this one and show you how the score is calculated.
  26. To be able to put my hair into a pony tail.  I am still struggling with frozen shoulder so I am unable to put my hair into a pony tail.  I am supposed to be doing 15 minutes of exercise a day to get it back to normal and I have not been doing it properly.  I want to change that for 2018!
  27. To walk 20 miles.  I need to work on getting more active and think this is the best way.  Hopefully I can do a mile or more a week until I reach my goal!
  28. To clean and organize the garage.  It really does look like a tornado hit this place.  Hopefully I can sell most of the items in here!
  29. To clean and organize the shed (this mostly has my decorations for the holidays.  I really need to repack and mark tubs with what Holiday they are for!)
  30. To crochet 20 projects other than the dog beds!