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$10 Baskets

My husband was able to get another $10 basket yesterday.  Here are the items we got and what I plan to do with it.

  1. 13 tshirts will use it to make more yarn for the dog rugs I am making for the Electra Animal Shelter.
  2. Bathroom scale.  It does not hurt to have a spare one!
  3. Bathroom rug.  Was lucky it was in a blue because I  eit aside for her for Christmas.
  4. Batman hat.  Going to put it in the bag for my niece for Christmas (she is a batman freak).
  5. 20 items we don’t need or want, I will try to sell locally and on ebay.
  6. Lots of other items.


Even if it is something I ordered, I love getting packages in the mail!  Yesterday I received end tables that I ordered.  Today I received my influenster package.  I will write more about that on a post of its own.  What was the last package you received?

Currently Watching

I have finished Walking Dead seasons 1-7 in just enough time to start watching it live again!  Started a new series How to get away with murder and it was better than I thought it would be.  Now I am currently on American Horror Story.  What are you watching?