Garage Sale/Donations

I have decided that every month I sell items online or in a garage sale I am going to pick a charity to donate to.  This month is the Electra Animal Shelter.  I am having a garage sale this Friday and have most of the new items organized into baskets.  I am selling all items worth more than $1 for $1.  All items with a price of $1 or used items I am selling for $.10.  Figure it made it easier than trying to price it separately.  I have an old washer I do not want that I will throw into the garage sale too.  I have to admit that getting the items out of my house was a huge weight off my shoulder!

Goal Updates:

These are the goals I have finished:

Paint the Baby doll heads and hands (for the creepy wreath).

Have a successful blog giveaway.  I am considering this complete because I have had over 3 people sign up!!  (If you want to sign up than comment on this POST)!

All the tv shows I am up to date on all prior shows I started (that are on Netflix).  And I have started The Walking Dead.  If you are interested in the shows I have watched this year check them out here!

I have received over 20 comments on my blog this month!  Thank you everyone who has left a comment.  I really appreciate it!!