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Surveys On The Go **Recommended**

July 15: Cashed out for $10.15

Sept 26: Cashed out for $10.10

Total: $20.35

Crowdtap **Recommend**

I applied for the Unilever Sampling (8) and waiting to see if I have been selected.  I received a $5 amazon gift card for reaching 500 points and another $5 amazon gift card for reaching 1000 points.  Since the gift cards have come through I am going to mark this one as Recommend!  It isn’t a lot but it sure makes me happy!!

Dirt Cheap **Recommend**

As of today I have bought 4 baskets for $40 and I have made $39.

In the last 2 baskets I found 40 items I wanted to keep.  They included phone cases, ear buds, cords, flash drives, etc.  If I wasn’t able to sell anything else I would have paid $.50 each.

My sister purchased $20 worth of stuff from me (2 baby monitors retailing at $200, flash drive, selfie stick adnd lens, tablet case, movies and a wii game and more).  Also she gets first pick of the items I don’t want in future baskets.

I have 3 pending sells and a trade.  The trade is cool because I get an item I can use for trade of an item I don’t want.


Still waiting for a sample before I recommend this site.  I did get into the Virtual box and did the Halloween contest. If you have twitter feel free to add me and leave me a message!