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He came home with another bad comment (disturbing other kids at nap time).  I am starting to feel like a broken record with him.  I figured since he started the day off bad he would have a comment, but thought it would be original.

Dog Rugs

My sister is a big supporter of the animals in town.  She fosters animals until they find new homes and she has several herself.  She is doing a big fundraiser next month to get food/blankets etc.  So to assist her I am going to make t-shirt rugs.  (My husband doesn’t know he is fixing to lose a bunch of t-shirts).  I have asked people in town to donate there tshirts to the cause (so I don’t have to go buy more).  Would be great if I could get a few done each month.  Have you made t-shirt yarn rugs?

Homecoming Week

This was homecoming week and my son was able to dress up for most of it.  Monday – Pjs, Tuesday – Disney, Wednesday – college football, Thursday – Tacky tourist, Tomorrow is Red out (school colors).  I decided he could wait till the football game to wear his boutonniere.  I did not want it to distract him at school.  At 3pm their is a pep rally at the center of town, 5pm is the FFA bbq and then the game at 7:30pm.  I am excited!!


I found a new app called Influenster.  It is where you post reviews on products and get a chance to win boxes full of items to try.  I hate buying new products in case I don’t like them, so hoping I will get a box to try out.  I am up to 4 badges so far.  Crossing fingers and toes!  Have you received a box?


Yesterday we received the couch and dining set.  I have been working hard to get the house in order.  One wall of the dining room is full of garage sell items.  I look around the house and think, oh I am almost done, just a few hours of work left.  Then my husband brings in more items from the garage and I think oh man how did I let my life get so cluttered!! I still have items at my Aunt’s house I need to get moved down here.

Dirt Cheap

I am up to 2 baskets bought from dirt cheap, totaling $20.  I have sold $14 worth of items that I did not want.  I gave my sister a big black trash bag full of items I didn’t want that she wanted.  I still have items that I have marked for garage sell/Halloween giveaways.  I decided that starting next month I wanted to share my crazy find with my blog followers (I am still getting together how I want to run that give away so look for that post on Oct. 1).  If I add up the rest of the items (over 200) I paid .03 cents or less for it.  The items I kept were notepads, gift tags, stickers, iron on patches, make up, tons of toys (for stocking stuffers) and so much more.  I do plan to do some stocking giveaways in town to those in need.