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I had a blast making my first 2 Dollar Story DIY Halloween Décor.

The Skeleton Tray:

Supplies: $4 +

$1 Tray

$1 Skeleton

$1 Water Gobet

$1 Rose/Spider

Glue/Black and Silver Spray paint

I just took the skeleton apart (used the body in my non working mailbox) and spray painted the skeleton black.  I took the rose and spider off the flower bundle and put it in the wine glass.  I messed up a little so now the rose looks like it is floating.  I then used the glue to attach the tray to the glass and the skeleton to the tray.


The 3D Skeleton Photo

Supplies: $3 +

less than a penny picture frame (it was in my $10 basket and the glass broke on it.)

$1 Skeleton head

$2 one purple and one black bundle of roses

Black and Silver spray paint and glue

I spray painted the frame black and the card board and skeleton silver.  Glued the skeleton and the roses onto the back.  (Actually my husband did the gluing because I was getting frustrated cause it takes 20 minutes to dry lol)

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