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I have been away for awhile, life was crazy and then Harvey came for a visit.  Our home was full of mold from Harvey’s visit and it forced us to make a serious life change!!  (Turns out if was for the better!!)

  1. Renting instead of buying:  I thought it would be a con, but at the moment it has put money back into the budget to work on getting some bill paid off and is giving us a change to increase our credit score so we can buy a home through the bank instead of doing owner finance.
  2. PRE-K!!!: This is the biggest one.  Now that we moved to a small town they offer 3 and 4 year old Pre-K.  It is a huge blessing for us because we couldn’t find a pre-k that would take him or one that we could afford.
  3. New People: Although there are people from the area we will miss with all our hearts, the ones that were making life hard on us will not be missed.  We have interacted with a lot of great people and hoping to meet lots more.

I am back and hope to blog on a regular basis again and get caught back up on everyone’s blog.

Please pray for those affected by the  Hurricane/Wild Fires and make sure to research before you donate!