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Saturday we had a fun family day and started it out with the Archer County Rodeo Parade.  My son came home with more candy from this small parade than he did for Halloween!  He was super excited over the Rodeo Royalty on horses!!

We decided to try him out doing the Mutton Bustin’.  If you are unfamiliar with this it is where the kids ride sheep.  At first he said he didn’t want to do it, but I am not the good parent that accepts no.  So we went to the sheep and it took a lot of trying to get him to pet the sheep.  I believe they are twins, but a girl and boy really helped him get used to the sheep.  I am forever grateful to these two for the kindness they showed my son.

After watching several children ride the sheep first my son was ready to go.  His first ride was .66 seconds, so I was really proud of him!  He cried when he first fell off and at first I thought he was hurt, but it turned out it was more his pride than the physical pain.  You can see the video on You Tube, please click the link below.

Joey Michael Moore – Mutton Bustin’

While he was crying one of the Rodeo Queens walked over to talk to him.  After she finished talking to him, they high fived and he was smiling once again.  Then he asked me if he could do it again!! (This was a proud mommy moment)

They play music during the rodeo and my son couldn’t stand (or sit) still.  Here is just one of the many videos of him getting his dance on!  You can watch it on You Tube too, please click the link below.

Joey Michael Moore – Dancing

We bought tickets for the Bowie Rodeo and hoping we can make it this weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend!