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I haven’t updated in awhile because it seems my life is in slow motion and nothing is coming together very fast.  I have lots of doors surrounding me, but not sure which one will unlock first.

Husband Update:

He is still having pain from his kidney stone and yesterday we went to see the doctor.  He said it is still to big to pass and he has to go back in to have it blasted again.  I hope it works this time!

Dad Update:

Dad found out his motorcycle is about to be totaled.  We had planned to get a house together, but he was not able to get a VA loan since he had to many bills.  So I suggested that after they finish totaling the bike he try again for a VA loan.  Yes, my real intention is to keep him off a bike for as long as possible.  This is his second accident and I don’t think he needs to be on another one!  I am completely tapped out so if he asked me to do it I would have to decline!

House Update:

We wanted to buy the house right next door to my aunt.  It would need a ton of work, but located by my aunt was a great location.  The woman selling sounded very interested in selling it, but when I talked to her this past week she decided she was in no hurry to sell.  It could be today she decides for 5 years from now.  This option is lowest on the list.

If dad chooses a house over a motorcycle than we will move back by him, but he is to much about have a bike that I don’t think he will pick a house, so I am putting this option low on the list too!

The other option is to rent up here and continue paying off bills and saving money and buy something up here.  I would need to pay off the place my dad is living before I could buy anything by myself.


I haven’t started anything new recently.  I just keep buying craft items with no real direction.  I am thinking maybe I have to much uncertainty in my life to be to crafty.  I am hoping the inspiration will come back, but till then I will surf other people’s craftiness until I find my own again!