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I am a day late posting, but yesterday was a crazy start to the month!

Kidney Stones:

Last month, the day before my vacation started, my husband got deadly ill and I had to take him to the Emergency room.  His right kidney had swollen to twice it’s normal size due to a kidney stone that had caused a severe infection from being too big.  They put a stint in between the kidney and the bladder with the hopes it would help pass the kidney stone.

Unfortunately that did not work so we had to go back to the doctor yesterday to get the kidney stone in the right kidney blasted.  My husband said it made him feel so much better, but now he feels like he has been in a fight and lost.  Now we wait for all the little pieces to pass and hope the kidney stone that he has in the left kidney passes too.

I was told to have him use lemon and limes in his water to help dissolve them.  I do not know if it will work, but going to try it anyways.  I told him we needed to work on eating and drinking healthier to assist in preventing this from happening in the future.


Cotton Patch Restaurant in Wichita Falls, TX

After my husband was released for the hospital we were extremely hungry so decided to try out a new restaurant.  We went to the Cotton Patch Restaurant in Wichita Falls, TX.  The service was pretty good and the food was home-style cooking.  We enjoyed it and the price was right.  Was under $28 for both of us.  It will definitely be a place we go to again in the future.