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I wanted to make my daughter something special for graduation other than the blanket so I made her a graduation lottery cake.  She may not when anything but gives her a chance to win something big!  Who doesn’t like the anticipation of scratching off a lottery ticket.

Since she used to love being in band I used some music sheet paper and cut it to fit the top of each Styrofoam circle.  I then hot glued the paper onto the Styrofoam.  I also glued the small one to the center of the large one.  Then I used one of the graduation hats from party city and glued it to the top and filled it with quarter chocolate to match her school colors.  I put the ribbon around to hide the edges of the paper and to decorate the top edges of the Styrofoam circle.  I then pined the lottery tickets around the cake.  I added some charms and a necklace to it to add more of a personal touch.