It has been a few days since I have given an update.  Still on a major roller coaster ride (can’t wait for it to level out some).

The CPS case was finally closed.  They agreed we were victims of retaliation.  I don’t ever plan on having any interaction with my husbands family again!

The 17 acres my dad was wanting to buy fell through (maybe a blessing in disguise).  My aunt decided not to move with us because of her friend and then she messaged me upset because she didn’t want us to move away from her.  The only reason I was wanting to move to south Texas was to be near my aunt and let her be closer to her kids.  So we are now looking at buying closer to my aunt.  Which means we have more options on property and dad can stay with his doctor (which he didn’t want to lose).

I just hope it will still be far enough away from my husbands family!

On to the good news, my daughter’s graduation blanket it coming together nicely.  I finished the green single crochet border and now working on this twisted shell border.  I really love how it is coming out.  I am hoping to be done with the border this weekend and get started on the applique pieces to go on the empty blocks.  I am thinking about taking the first flower my daughter drew me and make that a block.

My foot also seems to be getting closer to healing.  I actually starting to feel like it may stop hurting some day.