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If your asking yourself what happened to her plan on doing a journal update every day, working on getting healthy, finishing craft projects….That went out the window fast!

My sister’s friend decided to move this weekend and needed some help.  So my husband and I offered to assist.  Assist being the key word.  It turned out that it was mostly just the 4 of us.  All her other friends help was no where to be seen.  We are not exactly A team material.  I am still getting over a foot injury (the pain meds just give me bad dreams) and my shoulder has been acting up.  My sister is having severe hip pain (keep telling her to go to the doctor!) My husband has really bad knees from his football days from high school and they are threating to give out on him.  My brother in law is having shoulder issues to.  Yesterday my husband moved heavy stuff for about 4 hours alone (beds, dressers, home gym) and then fell off the porch (thankfully he was not hurt!)

I feel like he got overly used especially with the fact we have to move the rest of our stuff at the end of the month and move my dad’s stuff (with no help).  I know it is unchristian like, but our days of helping people move is over.  It is too much to ask someone to do and not sure if we have it in us to do it again.

Thankfully they found someone else today to finish with the washer and dryer and the last couple of dressers!!

Other than moving, I had to pay my dads bills for him.  I use his money but pay every bill personally.  I never realized how old that gets.  It is easier though to pay his bills than to clean up after him.  Although if everything works out will be back to cleaning up after him in 3-6 months!

Dad has a meeting with the relator tomorrow to see if he can use his VA loan or has to do a traditional loan to get the 17 1/2 acres in South Texas.  It is a 4 bedroom home and if he gets it we will be moving back to South Texas to help him pay the mortgage on it.  Once it is paid off dad is going to make me co-owner of it.  That will then hopefully be our last move!

Today I am resting and tomorrow I will try again to start reaching for my goals.  Hopefully everyone has had a great weekend!!