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Tonight I finished a few more rows on the snow queen blanket.  I am going to have to stop working on it long enough to get the graduation blanket done.  That is my goal tomorrow to make a big dent in the graduation blanket.

Teenage Drama:

My sister and the neighbor across the street have been having issues with their teenage daughters.  I am sitting back shaking my head and thanking God it isn’t my drama to deal with!

New Tomorrow:

Starting tomorrow I am going to start my journey on getting healthier!  I am going to do a daily blog post about it.  I am going to share with you my weight, food, and exercise.  For the first week I am mostly going to work on the food journal.  I still have the injured foot so will have to do research on exercises I can do to deal with it.  Hopefully find things I can include my 3 year old son in.

I hope everyone had an awesome day and looking forward to the new journey I am fixing to start on!