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1 More Day till the Weekend!!

Friday is what I consider my busiest day of work (every other Friday I should say).  In the morning I will go through and make sure the easiest task for work are done and then work on cleaning up all the reports so my checklist I send to my boss looks as good as possible.  It is only an 8 hour day so it goes by pretty fast especially since I try to get as much done as quickly as possible.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and lots of good weekend plans!

Small Town Entertainment:

You know you live in an extremely small town when your entertainment consist of the city digging up the neighbors yard, shaking your head at the clothes choices of the neighbor and sweeping the front steps for something different to do.  I can’t wait till I get a new lens for my camera and a car!!


I got my room cleaned at my sister’s house and except for a few containers I have everything organized too.  Not saying much since we didn’t bring a lot, but I am still going to claim it as a victory!

To Do List:

  1. Go to DPS office to see if I can get travel trailer put in husbands name that was abandoned on our property.
  2. Locate a car, really getting tired of not having one, and can’t use dad’s anymore.
  3. Finish snow queen blanket.
  4. Finish graduation blanket.
  5. Start graduation money cake.
  6. Go through 3 containers.


I am now half way done with my snow queen blanket.  It is turning out really pretty.  I am waiting till I am done to take photos and write a post about it.  I promise it is being worked on.  I got frustrated so I had to stop what I was doing and make a yarn ball because the yarn kept tangling.

To Early!:

My niece decided today she was going to set her alarm for 5am to ensure she got up in time.  Usually she gets up at 6am and so I get up with her and start work.  So I jumped up thinking it was 5 am, yelled at her to get up, and she says in a half awake voice “It’s only 5 I don’t get up till 6”!  Oh, I about lost my marbles, yelled at her for setting an alarm an hour early and then went back to bed. Two minutes later I realized that was a fools notion and gathered up a dr. pepper and some snacks, and started my day! (Have I mentioned how annoying teenagers are?????)