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This is my first restaurant review.


600 S Bailey St.

Electra TX 7660

Carlitos is a Mexican restaurant near my sister’s house.  We wanted to eat somewhere close to us since my dad had a long drive back to Winnie.

We started out by ordering drinks.  I wanted to order my son milk but was told that lemonade was the only kids drink they have.  (The reviews said it was a kid friendly restaurant).  Only have 1 drink option for a child does not feel kid friendly.  They brought the drink out in a regular cup (which was a guarantee spill risk) and my sister had to suggest that putting it in a to go cup would be a safer option.

My first time at a Mexican restaurant I usually order fajitas.  This is the best way for me to judge how the service and food is.  I always order beef fajitas with extra sour cream, no guacamole, extra rice and no beans.  I find it simple, but most waiter/waitress do not seem to find it simple.  It took the waiter 4 tries to get this right.

I ordered my son cheesy nachos and I hoped it would come out before our food or with our food.  I had to order it 3 times for him to finally to receive his order.  By the time his food came out he was already cranky, hungry and defiant to eat.  It did not help that we were all done eating and ready to go.

My husband is allergic to cooked onion and he ordered the only dish on the menu that did not state it had onion in it.  He told the waiter that he was ordering this plate because he didn’t state it had onions and that he could not consume cooked onions. At this time the waiter should have told him it had cooked onion at the very least he should have double checked with the waiter and let us know.

The rice was extremely dry to me and the meat had a weird taste to it.  My dad really liked the salsa, so that was a plus.

Although they took off my husbands order and gave us a little discount it was still over $60 for 3 orders of fajitas and a child’s nachos.  The service and food was not worth the expensive price.

I would not recommend this restaurant and could not understand the high ratings it received in the online reviews.  I would give this restaurant a 1 star!

Have you ever eaten at Carlitos in Electra, Texas?  If so what was your experiencev?