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There was a mess up with the rental car and they wanted to charge me an extra $200 dollars, I got angry and said forget it.  Will just figure something else out.  Dad has been out of work for the last 6 weeks so I offered to pay him to do the first load for me.  Figure that way I could save money and he could have some extra in his pocket.  But that means the bidder stuff wont get done.

I am praying the rest of this move goes smoothly, but I am going to just keep chugging along and hoping for the best!


  1. Box up all items sold on Bidders and label it (sold $21 worth of items and dad is going to drop it off since I will be out of town.). **need more newspaper and another small box**
  2. Finish laundry and pack all clothes/bedding.
  3. Organize everything into 5 categories.
    1. Take this trip.
    2. Take this trip if I have room/next if I don’t.
    3. Take end of May.
    4. Give away to Aunt or friends
    5. Throw away
  4. Clean Items being given to my aunt (she is trying to earn money for her cruise in Oct.) and have them ready to be loaded up in the morning.
  5. Drop off first load of items to my Aunt’s house on the way to get the rental truck.
  6. Pick up the rental truck
  7. Gather up all of my sons outside toys and items outside I don’t want stolen and lock in house.
  8. Pack up important electronics.
    1. Work laptop
    2. Personal laptop
    3. Printer
    4. Binding Machine
    5. Monitor (can wait till next trip if not enough room)
    6. Bedroom TV
    7. Roku’s
    8. Camera and accessories (tripod)
  9. Load Entertainment center and bed in back of truck first (then whatever else will safely fit.
  10. Back seat of truck load all of the clothes and electronics first and then whatever else will fit.

End of May:

  1. Cancel both electric service
  2. Cancel Internet
  3. Get dad to cancel the water account
  4. Assist dad in moving his stuff to my aunt’s house.
  5. From a friend’s house pick up my doll cabinet (that I have had since I was a kid)
  6. Take the rest of the items to my aunt that I don’t want for her to raise money for her trip.
  7. Give items to friends that I don’t want.