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Wanted to apologize for being missing in action for a few days now.  It has been drama central around my house to the point I broke.  I tried to hold on for my husband because he struggles to always think the best of his family and wanted to be near them.  After almost 6 years of being stuck in this town and it getting worse and worse, the bottom fell.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you will know that we have had our fair share of issues.

  1. Trouble with the people we were purchasing our property from to give us legal dimensions and to stand up to what they agreed upon.
  2. Husband’s youngest 2 brother’s stole the property that he was supposed to inherit and after taking them to court still didn’t get any justice.
  3. His 2nd to the youngest brother and his friends stole my daughter’s truck, but since the sheriff’s department didn’t write up the report correctly we couldn’t get the proof we needed.
  4. Not to mention all the driveway/road drama!
  5. Having trouble with my daughter because my husband’s aunt told her a lie that drew a wedge between us and I don’t know if I will ever fix it!
  6. The same Aunt and her boyfriend we let move in with us in July and they managed to steal my dad’s guns, assist in the stolen truck and now have called CPS on us because they stated my son was playing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.  (My son can’t even open the front door and sleeps with me, so there is no way that would ever be true!)
  7. So after all the trouble we found out that they do no legally own the trailer they parked on our property.  So now we are in the process of finding the correct owners so we can either get the trailer back to them or get the title for it. (In which we plan to sell it to recoup some of the cost of the stolen truck!)

That doesn’t even include everything just some of the high points of our life in this really ugly town!  So we made the decision that we are moving to Electra (where only my sister knows me)!  We are going to try to start fresh and pray for little to no drama.  We are going to stay with my sister until we find a house to purchase or we decide if we are moving to the Yoakum area to be around more of my family.

Please pray for me and my family that this change will make all the difference in our life!  I really want to be able to focus on the right things and not all the bad.

I appreciate everyone who has stopped into my blog even though I am not around to look into others.  I plan to get back into full swing of blog updating/reading and crafting on Monday.