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Today is my birthday!  Hello 38..goodbye 37!

It has been a really rough year!  I knew it would be but it was rough in a bad way and not the good way I was hoping for.  So unfortunately no great reveal on the secrets of life or these great life lessons I thought I would learn and go through this year.  Unfortunately I have become pretty bitter and even removed a whole town off my Facebook!

I have started trying to become a better me for me.  That is the focus this year.  I am going to keep working on getting my house completely cleaned and organized.  I am going to work on eating better.  Most of all I am going to spend as much quality time with family that I can because you never know when that will be taken away from you.

Today I am going to put my all into my real job, and then I am going to go watch some hot guys (aka Fate of the Furious (how cool it comes out on my birthday!), eat steak, grocery shop and then come home and binge watch CSI-Miami.

If you were born today, Happy Birthday!  If you are stopping in, thank you 🙂