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So there is a slim chance if you share this post money will come to you, but there is a better chance if you read this post it will help you keep money!

If you are like me you tend to throw junk mail away without reading it (are you guilty of this?)  This is a really bad habit and you should really stop it!  I am the master of just throw it away so it wont junk up my house.

This has made it so I have thrown my new debit and credit cards away.  Not the junk ones but the really important ones.  Today I almost threw a check away!  I was not expecting a check and didn’t know one had come in for me.  It was dated for FEB! and I was about to toss it in the trash.

$64 dollars goes a long ways in my house and I was doing a happy dance.  IMt just took a moment to verify what was inside the unmarked envelope.  It had slid under the washer and I was happy I have started the cleaning spree.  (Another reason to clean, never know where that hidden money is!)

MORAL of the STORY: Open your mail to verify it is junk mail before you toss it.  Toss it right away once you know it is junk so it doesn’t junk up your house. 🙂

I do wish you luck finding that missing check or that extra dollar while you clean…