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Here is an update on my list, trying to stay accountable!  I would have gotten more done but I spent a lot of time at my Aunts helping with her garage.  I don’t want the hatefulness of the world to make me completely stop helping others.  This is why I stop everything to help my Aunt out.  It feels like helping my Aunt out gives me more motivation to clean my own house.  Thank you for keeping my accountable for getting my house in order!!!

  1.  Kitchen:
    1. Go through everything with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all items that I do not want or I will never use! (I do not need 500 empty jars…time to sell some!)
    2. Completely clean and reorganize every inch of space!   I have made huge progress in this area.  I have filled one Rubbermaid full of things to get rid of (will do so next week) and have started on another one.  I still have more to clean and go through but I think if I spent 2 more hours on this area I can have it done!
  2. Living room: (I have not even started on this area…yep Tree still up!)
    1. Don’t laugh but I still have my CHRISTMAS tree up!!  It has to come down, enough is enough already!
    2. Remove all the dishes and trash out of the recliners…(do not ask me why my father does this, but he has been doing it my whole life and it is driving me to the mental ward!!)
    3. Remove every item that does not belong in the room (which is pretty much everything and give it a good cleaning!
  3. Daughter/Dads Bathroom: (No progress here either, just cry when I go near it…)
    1. I try to never go in there. That says it all…I will go in there and I will make it sparkle!!!
  4. 2 other Bathrooms:
    1. Not as Bad but I will remove unnecessary items and clean till they sparkle!  1 bathroom left to do.  I figure 1 hour of work and this will be done.
  5. My office:
    1. I just have to clean out 5 drawers and sweep (not bad at all…I can do this!)  I have 3 drawers left to go through, the rest is done. It looks good so I am not going to beat myself over those three drawers!
  6. My Bedroom/Closet:
    1. I have been trying really hard to keep this clean but I have my craft stuff everywhere (I know it doesn’t belong!) and it must be put back in its proper place!
    2. Will organize all the clothes and drawers and put everything away properly.
    3. Will remove everything from the top shelf of closet (or should I say husband will…) and keep only what we need and toss the rest.  Done this last month but it doesn’t hurt to do it again right? All I have left is one basket of clothes that need to be hung up, but I ran out of hangers.  So I need to make sure I don’t have any stashed in another part of the house.  If not I will go buy more.
  7. Dad’s junk….I still have not touched this mountain of insanity and to be honest I think putting it on the list my be a failure from the beginning so I am going to put  it as a Bonus! (Once I accomplish this I will force my dad to babysit for me so I can go to an adult movie (you know something with action and adventure that is not all cartoons…) and dinner)….Nope I haven’t even gotten close to being able to finish this.