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Legal Issues:

I haven’t been on this weekend very much because we had a string of major legal issues come up.  One being my daughters truck bein stolen (and the police department helping).  My husband went to the police department to file criminal charges and was told that he was not allowed to.  That he had to go to the County District Attorney and see if they wanted to pursue it or not.  So my husband talked to a DPS officer and he said it was a clear criminal act and that he needed to go straight to the Texas Attorney General.  This town is crooked and if you don’t go out of it than nothing gets accomplished.  He also helped us with another legal issue.  I will write about them more when they are in a better stage of the process.

Monster of a To Do List:

I have not forgotten it or abandoned it yet.  I just did not accomplish as much as I wanted to get done on it.  I do have 2 rooms and 1 closet completely done (so my efforts are being seen).  I have spent a few hours the last 3 days on the kitchen but on Thursday before I could start my Aunt called and said she was cleaning her garage out by herself.  So I put a hold on my house and we went to my Aunt’s house to make sure she didn’t over do it.  Then Friday I put a ton of work into the kitchen but my foot took a beating and I had to stop.  So Saturday I was planning on working a few hours and then taking my son to see the Easter Bunny.  Then the cops came and put me in a bad mood so I refused to clean any further or go to the Easter Bunny!  Sunday I put in a couple hours but then we had to head back to my Aunt’s to finish the wall in her garage!


I started a snow queen blanket.  I really like how it is coming out.  It is really pretty, but it is just keeping me from cleaning and finishing my other crochet projects!  I will show you pictures once I get a little further into it.


After getting angry at the cops and my husbands family I went through my Facebook page and removed everyone that was related to my husband or associated with this town.  To tell you the truth I enjoy getting on Facebook now.  I see nicer post and I don’t get angry at what I see posted now.  I should have done that long before now.


Here is hoping for a better week!