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I usually do these at the end of the day to recap my day.  Today I am going to do it a little different and here is why…

All week I thought I had to work on Friday.  Last week with my Aunt coming to visit from TN the week and weekend just blurred together.  So when I entered my time into work (a little sooner than I should have), I noticed it said 0 hours for Friday.  If I wasn’t still trying to recover from an injured foot, I would be doing a happy dance!!!!

So the weekend is supposed to be nice and no rain (till Monday) and that means I can finally get my yard cut!  So since my husband has no choice but to get the yard looking good, I have no choice but to tackle more of my house!

So instead of an end of the day break out I am going to give you a To Do List, Goal List, Pray it Happens List, Make me Accountable List, (way past spring but..) Spring Cleaning List…. ( you pick the name you want lol)

  1. Kitchen:
    1. Go through everything with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all items that I do not want or I will never use! (I do not need 500 empty jars…time to sell some!)
    2. Completely clean and reorganize every inch of space!
  2. Living room:
    1. Don’t laugh but I still have my CHRISTMAS tree up!!  It has to come down, enough is enough already!
    2. Remove all the dishes and trash out of the recliners…(do not ask me why my father does this, but he has been doing it my whole life and it is driving me to the mental ward!!)
    3. Remove every item that does not belong in the room (which is pretty much everything and give it a good cleaning!
  3. Daughter/Dads Bathroom:
    1. I try to never go in there. That says it all…I will go in there and I will make it sparkle!!!
  4. 2 other Bathrooms:
    1. Not as Bad but I will remove unnecessary items and clean till they sparkle!
  5. My office:
    1. I just have to clean out 5 drawers and sweep (not bad at all…I can do this!)
  6. My Bedroom/Closet:
    1. I have been trying really hard to keep this clean but I have my craft stuff everywhere (I know it doesn’t belong!) and it must be put back in its proper place!
    2. Will organize all the clothes and drawers and put everything away properly.
    3. Will remove everything from the top shelf of closet (or should I say husband will…) and keep only what we need and toss the rest.  Done this last month but it doesn’t hurt to do it again right?
  7. Dad’s junk….I still have not touched this mountain of insanity and to be honest I think putting it on the list my be a failure from the beginning so I am going to put  it as a Bonus! (Once I accomplish this I will force my dad to babysit for me so I can go to an adult movie (you know something with action and adventure that is not all cartoons…) and dinner)