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You called out to me, I was near by

Couldn’t help you on the other side

All you wanted was someone to tell your problems to

Someone to make you forget the pain, to help you through

You were well known and lifted up high

Watched all my life from the other side


On the other side I learned some things

All the small pleasures life slowly brings

I learned the hard way, but you didn’t learn at all

I feared some day you would eventually take the fall

Did not listen on the other side

I watched people drop out of your life


You took the fall of your life last week

I had no pain and I could not weep

You choose the wrong path and you joined me

This time you will carry the pain that cuts too deep


My life has come to an end

My heart has shattered within

I had taken your blame

Now it’s both our shame

Then you let me die

On the other side


By: Meggan Moore