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I have said it in the past, but this time I mean it!  I am tired of Walmart and I am done feeding into their horrible customer service, low quality merchandise and my frustration!

We bought a tablet for my son, granted it was a clearance item, but it didn’t even last 30 days!  They do not take electronics back after 15 days.  I had a horrible experience in purchasing it which should have been my first clue to walk away!  Than for it to not even last 30 days is extremely unacceptable!

We only allow my son to use the tablet when he is in our room and in the middle of our bed.  This way we can control what he does and how he treats it.  For a 3 year old he is very good on his tablet and treats it with extreme respect.  So when it stopped charging and then we have the huge hassle of going through RCA to get it fixed I got frustrated.

So we went to Best Buy and purchased an Amazon Fire.  The sales representatives were extremely helpful and even told me to purchase a case online to save a ton of money.  We also purchased the 2 year replacement warranty on it.  I had a $5 off coupon and spent less than $60.

Today was the last day I walk into Walmart for anything, the last day someone treats me like I am wasting their time and talks to me like I am worthless!