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I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

Family Tree

I finished adding all the members from A Brief History of the William Alden and Anna Eddy Hawkins Family Who Came From Indiana to Texas in 1848 book.  Now I am going back and making sure the dates and names are correct.  I am finding a lot of errors but it was a great start and gave me lots of information and stories I wouldn’t have had.  Lots of TWINS which makes me happy I am done with having babies!!!

Family Time

Yesterday my cousin came in for a few hours, and I haven’t seen him since he was a kid.  So we headed to my Aunts house and then as a family we all went to the state fair.  It was my son’s first time at the fair and he loved it.  My hurt foot didn’t love it so much.  It was a 3 pain pill kind of a day (usually I can get by with 0-1). We ended the day with pizza at my Aunts house and then headed home.  I finished Bones and then let my son rule the TV till bedtime.