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You were the one I loved

I needed you so much

Felt emotions I never felt before

It was another closing of the door

I never imagined love would die

I would lay down, never want to try

You took away the chance to live

Heartache was all you had to give

I was lost in the world I once knew

Was scared and didn’t know what to do

Plans I carefully made crumbled and fell

A love gone wrong story for me to tell

Happy ever after, a faded memory

A promise spoken, but no truth to its story

And I should not have put my trust in you

Love shouldn’t be helpless and scary too

I knew better than to give you faith

The bitterness is all that I taste

Time will slip away I have nothing to show

Just the feeling of defeat, feeling so low

May take a few years or maybe more

I promise the tears will fall no more


By: Meggan Moore


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