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Sorry posting late again today.  Was a late night and I slept in late today (which is very unusual)!

Helping Family:

We were supposed to go finish the yard up for my aunt, but the rain kept us from doing that.  So instead we helped her clean 5 of the 6 ceiling fans in her house.  This is a job people overlook doing but that needs done.  My husband hung another blind for her in the living room.  We put stuff in the storage bin above the closet that she couldn’t reach without a ladder.

My husband stepped on the ladder and one of the rungs broke.  So I had to yell at my aunt to stay off of it!  That she needed to call for help if she needed something done before it could be replaced.

She took us to eat at a Cajun restaurant to thank us for helping her.  I thought the burger was less than desirable but her and my husband loved the crawfish.  Since it was mostly my husband helping her I just smiled and let them eat!

We ended the night talking in the kitchen eating banana bread.  I finally looked at my phone and said OMG it is time for us to go.  It was a few minutes from midnight!

If the rain stays away my husband will go back on Wednesday to finish the mowing and her place will be ready for my other aunts visit.  Now to focus on cleaning my house!

Hope your weekend is going great!