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Sorry I am a day late getting this post out.  It was a crazy day since I had my son by myself and still had to work.

Dad Update:

My husband took my dad to the VA Hospital in Houston.  They pulled wood, grass, and etc out of his ear.  Said his ear drum was completely gone.  They are going to see how he is doing in a week and do a cat scan.  They said the next step was probably surgery where he would have to do a skin graft and get screws put in his ears.

They told him he would not be able to drive for another 4-8 months.  Which puts a cramp on us moving again.

What’s in the Mail:

I got in 1 of 2 Styrofoam pieces for my daughters money cake.  I also got in my row counter to make crocheting so much easier! My new head phones came in too.  I am happy about those!

Family Tree Book:

Trying to do the family tree book for my daughter for graduation was becoming a bit overwhelming.  So I decided to break it down into smaller books.  I just need to finish the family group sheets and the first book which will include the first 5 generations on both sides will be done.  I figure that takes the stress off of me and then I can start focusing on making other books.