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Everyone will gather to hear what I already know

Me vow that I will love you with all my heart and soul

I will break the ties with my childhood home

It’s time for me to build one of my own


The butterflies deep down reminds me

There’s so much in life you will help me see

There’s a knock at my door to tell me it’s time

One last look in the mirror, everyone gets in line


My heart skips a beat when the music starts

I see you smile sweetly, it touches my heart

I have waited so long for this day to arrive

Although I’m happy, I fight the need to cry


He walks me down the aisle to give me away

I try to think of the right words to say

He never thought this day would come when I’d leave

Tried to block it from his mind and would not believe


The music ends and I am now at your side

Just a short time before I become your bride

We will say our vows, end with a kiss

Never will we forget the wedding Bliss


By: Meggan Moore