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Birthday Dinner:

Today we took my husband to Twin Peaks for his birthday (his choice).  It was a horrible experience.  They were all wearing bras and underwear and the u30nderwear were riding up like thongs.  I am ok with the lumberjack outfits those are cute, these were horrible.  I would never want to see my daughter in it!

We had to wait 30 minutes for drink refills. My father asked them to do the birthday thing with my husband and they never did that.  The food was not as good as it was the last time.  We are not going to go back to the Twin Peaks in Beaumont, TX again!

Getting Organized:

I have been working really hard on getting organized.  I removed 7 extremely large trash bags full of clothes and took them to a thrift store.  I also removed unnamed number of trash bags to take to the dump.  I must have been doing a pretty good job because I sold two doors of a project I abandoned for $40.  Since my aunt gave me the doors and is on a limited budget I split the money with her.


Added another poem to Poetry Prior to 2002.  You can check the poem out here. Or if you want to see the complete listing of poems Prior to 2002 you can click here.

Reason For Limited Online Activity

I have not been online as much recently because my internet has been extremely spotty.  Months ago my internet cable was cut and so we taped it up.  It worked good for awhile but then it just started going in and out.  I guess all the rain finally took it out.  So my husband went and got a Walmart cable for it and it just made it worse.  So finally I did what I should have done before, I called the cable company and had them come fix it.  Now I am stronger than ever!