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Since my son’s incident with my Aunt’s family tree information, I have become full blown family tree mode.  I think I finally have a method I like and I am going to give it a few days longer to see how it works out.

I restarted the family tree and started adding the information from the book ” A Brief History of The William Alden and Anna Eddy Hawkins Family” to it.  I have to say I am disappointed with how much I found to be inaccurate, but it did give me a great starting place.

At the moment I have 483 people added.  I put these people into a spreadsheet and they are going to be my number 1 focus.  I plan on going through them one by one and working all the hints for them.  Once that is done I will reevaluate how to go further.

I also started a new family tree folder and currently have these folders:

Birth Certificates: Saved by Name

Birth Index: Saved by Name

Census: Saved by Name and Year

Death Certificates: Saved by Name

Death Index: Saved By Name

Departures: Saved by Name and Year

Marriage Certificates: Saved by Husbands Name and Wife’s Name

Military Documents: Saved by Name and Document Name

Photos: Saved by Name, Name Tombstone, Name Yearbook

US City Directories: Saved By Name and Year

I am looking forward to making some progress!

Do you have any tips or secrets for creating your family tree?