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I have written about it in the past the insane driveway drama we have been going through.  It is steadily getting worse!

Today 10 cops and a tow truck show up to have my dad’s truck towed!

  1. Is there so little crime happening in this county that is filled with drugs and prostitution that you can afford for that many cops to go to a truck towing party???
  2. There was no reason for them to need to tow the truck!
  3. We just dealt with them less than 2 weeks ago.

They didn’t give a warning that they were coming to tow.  They just showed up and thankfully dad heard them talking outside.  So my husband went to move the truck.  My husband and the cop got into an arguing match that is stupid because that doesn’t solve anything.

Less than 2 weeks ago a dps trooper and a chambers county cop came because we had another car we hadn’t moved into the driveway yet.  They told me it was a county right away and that we needed to keep it clear.  I told them that we never have a car there unless we are home and anytime the county comes out (which has been never in the recent months) we move right away.

At that time neither the DPS trooper or Chambers County cop said that I could not park there.  They both just told me to move it if the county needed through.  So why all of a sudden did we need to move it to keep it clear?

We have asked them to put in another driveway for us (we have two houses), but they said since the right away is not county owned they can not put in a driveway for us. (This is why we are parking on the right away.

My husband has tried to get the county to fix this issue and after today we need more help.  So he called and is getting a Texas attorney assigned to our case.  Time to take this to the state level!

Anyone have any insights into fighting the county and winning??