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Family Tree

My son ruined pages from the family tree information I borrowed from my Aunt.  So I spent all day downloading all 75 pages (page by page), printing them out, and binding them.  I then in a state of frustration erased yet again the Family Tree I started and began again.  I am first adding the information from the book ” A Brief History of The William Alden and Anna Eddy Hawkins Family” and getting supporting evidence.  The book is not very accurate on dates!  I feel like I have a good plan of action this time around and I am ready to put a dent into the family tree.

What’s in the Mail?

I received two boxes with the 4 pillows I ordered.  I refuse to take them out of the box till I receive the rest of the items.  It would be nice if the rest came in early!


I have a secret addiction to budgeting.  I don’t know if it was because I seen my mom do it with pen and paper all the time growing up.  I tried to do the whole pen and paper thing, but it just doesn’t work out for me.  I am extremely obsessed with doing it on spreadsheets.  I have pages and pages that I link all together and I am constantly trying to figure out how to make a dollar stretch into 10 and how to get the bills paid off faster.  Anyone else share this addiction?

Tablet Updated

Walmart had a tablet on sale for $25.  So we thought it was a good time to go ahead and buy our son his first tablet.  I started downloading all his favorite apps to it last night and a few I wanted him to try.  Before I could finish he passed out, lucky me!!  So I will have to wait till he wakes up today to see if he likes it.

Not Again!

I borrowed my Aunt’s family tree information so I could use it to start the family tree.  I promised to take good care of it.  I had every intention of taking good care of it, but I forgot to factor in a destructive 3 year old.  I had a spray bottle on my desk and when I left the room he soaked part of the family tree information.  (He is so lucky I didn’t realize it until the next morning!!!!)  So now I have to try to find the information so I can reprint it for my Aunt before I tell her what happened!!  I think my family is sending me to crazy town!!