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I fell asleep before I could post this yesterday…


If you missed the post Their Dreams you can find the link for it and others from Prior to 2002 here.

Need a TV Series Suggestion?

I am currently watching Bones and love it.

Here is the list of TV series/movies I have watched this year.

A New Bed!

After sleeping on my niece’s bed it was obvious our bed just wouldn’t work anymore.  We were going to buy a high dollar bed, but to many things have come up.  So I did a mini splurge and replaced the bed on Walmart.com for $500.  Hopefully it will be good enough quality to get us through the year.

Batman Beanie

If you missed the post today about the batman beanie hat I made and where to get the pattern click here.

Trying to be the good daughter

If you are interested in reading about me trying to deal with my father click here.

Update:  My father went to the VA hospital and they said they think he has a punctured ear drum and scratched his eye.  They are going to schedule a hearing test and a visit with the specialist.


If you are interested in reading about imaginary hide and seek click here.